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  • Fear of having children who may be exposed to challenges in a non-Muslim country should not prevent one from getting married Date: 21-5-2023

    As salamu aleykumI live in Germany and i can practice my religion here freely. I know that mixing genders is haraam, but the schools here are generally mixed. I dont want to marry and have children because of that. But my family urges me to marry, because it is better when a righteous person has children they say. And I dont want to migrate just to.. More

  • Refuting false beliefs Date: 4-4-2023

    Hello, this is my 3rd question with regards to this A lebanese prophet who starte dthe daheshism religion has 1000s of eye witness saying he raised the dead, other crazy miracles too . Please help i cant find any refutations and it is hurting my imaan. Please help. I need yaqeen in islam. .. More

  • Studies in University That Involves Bible and Catholic Studies: If One Has Strong Iman, Can He Attend? Date: 26-2-2023

    Salaam Ulikum,I'm a student and Im applying to various universities, I've came across one with a really nice program that will suit my future career. The only problem is that the university is catholic and in order to attend it I have to take two classes that involves bible and catholic studies. I tried looking around some scholars said it's fine if.. More

  • Innovations and Wearing Amulets Date: 31-7-2022

    Does giving a Fatiha on Thursday with the name of the family members who passed away is haram? Is going to molvi and telling them to help a girl for her marriage so that she gets good proposals and if molvi gives her something to read from the Quran and gives to wear tawiz until her marriage day. Doing such things is haram? Please let me know. Jazak'allah .. More

  • Reciting Ruqyah on Yourself Does Not Exclude You from the Seventy Thousand People Date: 10-5-2022

    Salam alaykum, I have read some fatwas on this site where ruqyah has been mentioned as treatment for waswas or ocd, however I want to be of the 70 000 that enters into jannah without accountability. What do you think of this? Does reciting surah an nas and ayatul kursi over water and drinking it come under ruqyah, and would that mean one isn't of the.. More

  • Joining College Which Has Posted Happy Diwali On Its Facebook Page Date: 3-2-2022

    can I join a college which has posted happy diwali (wishing Hindus on their festival)on on there Facebook page. .. More

  • Wiping over Entire Body when Performing Ruqyah or when Going to Sleep Date: 13-12-2021

    Asalamu alaikum, when reading Surah Al Ikhlas and Al Mu'waaitdhatan, or Surah Al Fatiha, for Ruqya, are we to wipe ocer the whole body, so on all body parts? I sometimes worry if maybe it is disrespectful to wipe over certain areas (i.e., the chest area, buttocks, bottoms of feet), so in sha Allah I wanted to ask. Jazakum Allah khair. .. More

  • Searching or Watching Forbidden Movies Is Not Disbelief Date: 12-12-2021

    As Salaamu Alaikum.If a person goes and search for songs or movie that contains kufr or shirk content but he only watches them and not belive in it will it be a minor shirk or minor kufr please specify.I asked a Sheikh about this he said it depends upon intention and Can mount to minor kufr. For instance if a person watcthes or listen something contains.. More

  • Shirk in Love Date: 5-12-2021

    Someone did major shirk called “shirk in love”. The person got to know that that is a major shirk. The person felt like their nafs was wicked .. More

  • Wants to Draw a Red Spot on Her Forehead Date: 5-12-2021

    I want to put bindi(small red dot) on my forehead just for me so is it permissible/allowed in Islam? .. More

  • Writing ما شاءَ اللَّهُ at the Front of the House Date: 22-11-2021

    Many people put boards outside homes saying "Ma Sha Allah/Ma Sha Allah La Quwwata Illa Billah" believing that this protects them from evil eye. Is it minor shirk if they believe it is a means of protection from Allah and it's major shirk if they believe it protects them without attributing the protection being from Allah?Does the difference in opinion.. More

  • Treatment for Memory Loss Date: 21-11-2021

    Assalamu alaikum. I would like to know if there is a ruqyah dedicated to treating weak intellect and memory, just as there is for magic, envy and evil eye.This is because, I have weak memory and a slow intellect (I pick up things really slowly).Jazakallahu khair .. More

  • Having Negative Stereotypes about Some Muslims: Not Shirk Date: 16-11-2021

    Assalamualaikum,There are some negative stereotypes about a certain group of people whom are good sunni muslims. For some of those people , the stereotype is somethat true, but alot of them the stereotype on them is not true. What if a person feels that he will be negatively be affected by those people if he dresses like them( i.e. by fearing that he.. More

  • Doing an Action Not Knowing whether or Not It Is Shirk Date: 29-8-2021

    If one is unsure if something is shirk meaning it could be or not be shirk. But one says to himself if this was proven to be shirk he would abandon it and so continues to do the action which he has not received an answer for. Is this intention in itself shirk because it has not been proven if the specific action is known to be shirk. .. More

  • Issue of Migrating while Being Able to Practice their Religious Duties in Non-Muslim Country Date: 23-8-2021

    My parents came to live in the US from Pakistan then got US citizenship because of better opportunities and education regarding their jobs and work. My parents and I are layman muslims. I was born and raised in the US because my parents became US citizens before my birth and I got US citizenship from them as a result. My parents and I can practice Islam.. More