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50 fatwas

  • Seeing Jinn, Satan and Iblis Date: 19-3-2002

    In the world we cannot see jinn, Satan and Iblis. Can we see them in the Hereafter? In the world can jinn or Iblis see angels or can Jinn see Iblis or Satans?.. More

  • Characteristics of Jinn Date: 18-3-2002

    I want to know about Jinns. Where they live, how they live, their life style, their bodily structure, their power/strength, what they eat, how they born everything. Will you please inform me about them? .. More

  • Books pertaining to Jinns Date: 13-2-2000

    Please tell me some very good books on jinns translated in english. .. More

  • Iblis (Satan) Date: 9-2-2000

    Was Iblis a Jinn or a Fallen Angel?.. More

  • Characteristics of Jinn Date: 10-12-1999

    Do the Muslim Jinn harm people? Is Iblis the father of jinns as we are the children of Adam? What are Jinn and Iblis called in English? What do jinns eat and drink?.. More