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  • The devil can assume the image of a dead person Date: 12-11-2007

    I read a book written by Kenneth Ringwhere he talked about people who claimed to have died and seen Paradise or Hell through a near-death experience. What is the opinion of Islam on this? Have you read this book?.. More

  • Incense does not invite Jinn Date: 12-11-2007

    Does incense, particularly Jawi and Fasookh, invite Jinn?.. More

  • Jinn created from fire Date: 12-11-2007

    What were the Jinn created from?.. More

  • Mentioning Allaah and reciting Quran expel jinn Date: 11-11-2007

    What should I do in order to drive the Jinn out of the house? .. More

  • The extent of Satan’s knowledge Date: 11-11-2007

    What is the extent that Satan has reached in the various branches of knowledge? Is there any mention of this in the Sunnah?.. More

  • Seeing Maryam ( Virgin Mary) in reality or in dreams is a Satanic illusion Date: 10-11-2007

    Some Christians and also some Muslims claim that Maryam (Virgin Mary) appears before them as a body of light to bless them, heal their patients and endow them with goodness. What is the interpretation of this? .. More

  • Satan was created from fire Date: 8-11-2007

    In terms of Creed, what is the agreed upon essential nature of Satan?.. More

  • Wants to help a friendly Jinn Date: 23-9-2004

    I would kindly request you for a help or a suggestion to my problem which is very unique and again very confidential which is again about Jinn’s. The residence which I stay in my room there resides one Jinn who is very good and does not harm me or anyone. He is an Arab Jinn who is nearly 900 Years old. He has been lost and unable to find his.. More

  • Inhabitants on Earth before Adam and names of Iblees Date: 16-6-2004

    I have 2 questions. 1. Did any other creation like Jinn live before human beings (Prophet Adam) on the earth? 2. Is there any other name of Iblees (Shaitan) lik" Azazeel"? .. More

  • Prayer of satan Date: 9-6-2004

    I would like to ask about the Satan, how he prayed that no one should disobey Allah and how he was the one who disobeyed God. Please explain in details and tell me where I can read for myself. Thank you so very much. .. More

  • How to kill a Jinn Date: 30-11-2003

    How can we kill a Jinn?.. More

  • Satan is a Jinn not an Angel Date: 30-10-2003

    My question is regarding the issue of Satan and God. It is said, that when God created Adam he asked all the Angels to bow to Adam, everyone did except Satan. He refused. The question is: He is not Angel, but a Jin, then being a Jin, why he was included in this order? When he was ordered to leave, did he leave alone or he had some followers that left.. More

  • Difference between Satan and Jinn Date: 29-7-2003

    What is the difference between Satan and Jinn?.. More

  • Satan Does Not Worship Allah Date: 23-12-2002

    If all jinns and humans are ordered to worship Allah SWT then does Shahiatan(devil) also worship Allah? Please answer in the light of Quranic text? .. More

  • Jinn Exist Date: 20-4-2002

    Do Jinn still exist in this world? If yes, can we see and talk to them? Is there any power attributed to them by Allah? Will they be helpful to human beings in any manner? .. More