1027 fatwas

  • Meaning of Hadith: Oh Allah, bless us in our Syria.. Date: 11-11-2001

    Would you please give us the meaning of this Hadith? Ibn Umar (Allah be pleased with him) reported the Prophet ( sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allaah exalt his mention )) as saying: "Oh Allah, bless us in our Syria; O Allah, bless us in our Yemen". Those present said: "And in our Najd, O Messenger of Allah!" But he said, "O Allah, bless us in our Syria; O Allah, bless us in our Yemen". Those.. More

  • Hadith about the Romans attacking us under eighty flags Date: 8-11-2001

    I think I've heard a Hadith, that goes something like this, 40 flags (or 120) will fly against the Muslims and the war will be fought on horses and swords, it will the bloodiest battle... Could you please verify this Hadith for me whether it is true or not? I don't know who narrated it or when. .. More

  • Questionable Hadith Date: 12-9-2001

    I don't know if its Hadith but I heard it long back and I want to know about its authenticity. A Sahabi went to Rasool Allah (SAW) with the request to arrange money for his daughters marriage. Prophet (SAW) asked him to see another Sahabi in that regard. When he reached his home he heard conversation between the Sahabi (to whom Prophet (SAW) asked.. More

  • Explanation of a Hadith in Muwatta of Imam Malik Date: 5-9-2001

    Thank you for your reply of my question. I really appreciate that of you. Jazaka Allah. I have another question here about a Hadith in MUWATTA'A MALIK book.My question: Is it Haram or not Haram for a non-Mahram man to look at or touch any part of the body of a non-Mahram woman or suckle her?In the following Hadith it is mentioned that Um ul-mu'mneen.. More

  • Importance of knowing the narrators of Hadith Date: 10-7-2001

    When we read a Hadith is it important to see who is narrating it? Is it important for it to be by Bukhari or Muslim? Sometime it is not said; should that mean that we should not take these Hadith seriously?.. More

  • Relation between Abu Huraira's Hadith and Sufism Date: 28-6-2001

    What's your opinion about the next Hadith narrated in Sahih Bukhari, in the chapter of the knowledge (Bab al-'ilm), explained by Abu Huraira: "Hafizto Min al-Nabiyyi (saw) Wi'â'ayni, Fa'amma Ahaduhuma Fabazatahu, Wa Amma al-Ajaru fa-Law Bazatahu Qut'ia Hadha al-Bul'um" and what's the relation between this Hadith and Tasawwuf (Sufism)... More

  • Islamic ruling regarding sailing by sea Date: 18-5-2001

    Is there a Hadith that forbids sailing by sea unless we are going to Hajj or Umra or Mujahideen Fi Sabeel Allah. Is it a verified one? Can we sail for travelling or not?.. More

  • Muslim claims to follow Allah's orders without Hadith Date: 7-5-2001

    Can a Muslim believer claim that he should only follow what ALLAH (s.w.t.) orders him to do without any other guidance from the Hadiths of the Prophet (Blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) on how to do things? In one word only, what does Qur'an say?.. More

  • Islamic ruling on innovators Date: 2-5-2001

    This is to express my deep unrest, unhappiness and sadness because the heads of deviations and innovations are actively working openly and freely in and outside the Muslim world, getting away with their destructive work against true Islam and no one is stopping them! 1. What is the rule of Islam on them? 2. Why don't the governments of Muslim.. More

  • The black flags' appearance from Khorasan Date: 26-2-2001

    1- There is a Hadith that says that if we see a black flag from Khorasan then we should go to it even if we had to crawl on ice/snow because Imam Mahdi is with them. Is this Hadith Sahih or Hasan?2- Can we sit with a group of people making Bidah? What does our Prophet (S.A.W)and our pious predecessors say on this matter?3- While giving Adhan should.. More

  • Who are innovators? Date: 15-2-2001

    1- Who are innovators? 2- Is performing prayer behind innovators permitted?3- I want all the answer from Qur'an and sahih Hadith.. More

  • Questions about the authenticity of some Ahadith Date: 18-1-2001

    1-Asalaam alaikomI am looking for the source of 3 ahadith and are they authentic or not. I would appreciate your assistance. The ahadith are:1. The hadith that says that if a man has a wife who doesn't control her tongue and he DOES NOT divorce her, then his Du'a is not answered.2. The hadith that says that if a woman prays her 5 prayers, guards her.. More

  • Sun prostrates under Allah's throne Date: 3-1-2001

    Please explain the hadeeth that the sun sets to prostrate under allah's throne (arsh)? It's known that earth goes round the sun... More

  • Ummah splitting into 73 groups Date: 1-1-2001

    Explain the hadeeth that the ummah would splinter to 73 groups as happened to the Ummah of past and present in full details... More

  • Tenth, eleventh of Muharram Date: 1-1-2001

    Every 10th and 11th of Muharram there is a celebration in my country where people will dance in the street holding swords and act as if they are fighting.[NOTE.As if they are reviving the tragedies at KARBALA]. Your comment please. .. More