1047 fatwas

  • Who Are Innovators? Date: 15-2-2001

    1- Who are innovators? 2- Is performing prayer behind innovators permitted?3- I want all the answer from Qur'an and sahih Hadith .. More

  • Questions about the Authenticity of Some Ahaeeth Date: 18-1-2001

    1-Asalaam alaikomI am looking for the source of 3 ahadith and are they authentic or not. I would appreciate your assistance. The ahadith are:1. The hadith that says that if a man has a wife who doesn't control her tongue and he DOES NOT divorce her, then his Du'a is not answered.2. The hadith that says that if a woman prays her 5 prayers, guards her.. More

  • Sun prostrates under Allah's throne Date: 3-1-2001

    Please explain the hadeeth that the sun sets to prostrate under allah's throne (arsh)? It's known that earth goes round the sun... More

  • Ummah Splitting Into 73 Groups Date: 1-1-2001

    Explain the hadeeth that the ummah would splinter to 73 groups as happened to the Ummah of past and present in full details. .. More

  • Tenth, eleventh of Muharram Date: 1-1-2001

    Every 10th and 11th of Muharram there is a celebration in my country where people will dance in the street holding swords and act as if they are fighting.[NOTE.As if they are reviving the tragedies at KARBALA]. Your comment please. .. More

  • Celebrating Prophet's birthday Date: 1-1-2001

    What is the fatwa on reciting Mawleed un Nabi on day of Meelad un Nabi Prophet Muhammad (Blessings and peace of Allah be upon him)?.. More

  • Hadith for treating vitiligo Date: 13-11-2000

    Is there any authentic Hadith for treatment of vitiligo? Please let me know the procedure of treatment. May Almighty Allah will give you the reward... More

  • Books of Hadith to purchase Date: 2-9-2000

    I am buying books about Islam, I just purchased sahih Bukhari. Tell me other books of Hadith, to buy and other books of Hadith good like Bukhari and Muslim, catagorized, like Bukhari and Muslim... More

  • Explanation of Hadith about woman's hurting her husband Date: 20-7-2000

    I came across this Hadith, you could please explain what it means? Narrated Mu'adh Ibn Jabal (number 960) The Prophet (peace be upon him) said that no woman annoyed her husband in this world without his wife among the large-eyed maidens saying, "You must not annoy him. Allah curses you! He is only a passing guest with you and is about to leave you.. More

  • Explanation of Hadith about the visitors of the mosques Date: 14-7-2000

    Dear brother(s), I have come across some hadith which I would like to know if they are genuine. If so what are their references? Hadith 1: "And the prophet peace be upon him said, "The mosques are built for Allah the Most High, " Hadith 2: And the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, 'Whoever visited a mosque visited (so to say) the Most High Allah (Himself).. More

  • Two Ahadith about disturbance and devilish insinuations Date: 3-7-2000

    I have asked 2 questions previously but have not recieved an answer or a question ID. Can you please look into this matter? I have 2 new questions 1) Can you explain the meaning of the hadith in question ID 4267. 2) Has the time mentioned in the following Hadith arrived "When you behold that the affection among the people has disappeared and the sense.. More

  • Hadith related to unspeakable matters which come to one's mind Date: 22-3-2000

    I have read a Hadith (expressed in my words): some of SAHABA came to Prophet Mohammad and said that sometimes something came to their hearts without their control and they hate these things and they said before we say (or describe) these things it is better that we put fire on us. Then Prophet Mohammad said, this is Clear Faith (IMAN SARIH)... More