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  • Zoroastrianism copied aspects of heavenly messages Date: 29-6-2017

    Asalaamu alaykum. Many among the enemies of Islam have frequently claimed that Islam copied Zoroastrianism in the implementation of the five daily prayers, as the Zoroastrians do so as well. Please provide detailed evidence to annul such ignorant claims. May Allaah reward you abundantly. .. More

  • Mixing animist beliefs with Islam (Dayak) Date: 18-1-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. In Indonesia, there is an ethnic group called the Dayak. Some of them mix their animist beliefes with Islam, and some scholars also support it because it represents "traditional Islam" for them. These beliefs include some mystic and odd rituals together with some anti-Islamic belief. Is this permissible? .. More

  • Ruling on followers of Shakeel ibn Haneef Date: 4-6-2016

    This is in regards to Shakeel bin haneef, who claims to be Imam Mahdi and Jesus, peace be with him. His followers preach and try to convince others to believe in Shakeel. 1. Are the Shakeeliyans out of the fold of Islam? 2. Can we let them offer the prayer in our masjid? 3. Is marriage allowed with them? If someone is already married and their.. More

  • Followers of the so-called 'Chrislam' are disbelievers Date: 17-12-2013

    Can you pls briefly describe the blend religion "Chrislam"? Is it acceptable worldwide and can a muslim woman allow to marry people following this faith? .. More

  • Definition and Beliefs of the Hashshaasheen Date: 14-2-2012

    I want to ask about the Hashshaasheen‏ during the Fatimid Era... More

  • False claims of the Mahdavi sect Date: 15-5-2011

    Assalam alikum i know a sect called mahadivis from Hyderabad India they claimed syed mohammed jounpuri is the promised mahadi who was 900years ago. they have many teachings against islam which they say he recived directly from Allah swt as he can see and talk to god Almighty directlyand Allah Al mighty Has ordered him with extra fards .my question.. More

  • Who are the Qaraamitah and what are their beliefs? Date: 6-10-2010

    Who are the Qaraamitah? .. More

  • Al-Faaraabi, the philosopher Date: 14-8-2006

    about Al-Farabi Assalamualaikum.May I know all about Al-Farabi. His biography, his contribution to Islam and to his nation, his writing or the book/s that he had published or written,the list of book/s that he had written, he is specialist in what field, his teacher/s, how he start his career and what the obstacle/s that he had faced, his connection.. More

  • Nation of Islam (USA) Date: 10-5-2005

    I just have a question about Nation of Islam. I happen to have a lot of friends, who are followers of Nation of Islam, however do not agree in many things that they do, like they do not play Friday prayer, and they don’t believe in Angles, grave, the Day of Judgment and so forth. When we talk and they don’t have an answer to my questions,.. More

  • Deeply concerned about website of Rashad Khalifa Date: 14-6-2004

    I am a Dr. of sociology and a MBA graduate residing and employed at Brussels. As a Muslim what can I do to eradicate the nasty and filthy explanations of Raashed Khalifa. His site is full of kufr and shirk. Filthy explanations and quotations....shame.... I' m going to take him to the court of Allah for he's the cause for the deviant action.. More

  • Islamic view of pantheism Date: 24-5-2004

    I want to ask the Islamic view on Wahdatul Wujood (Pantheism). .. More

  • Rashad Khalifa claimed to be messenger of God Date: 19-5-2000

    What do Muslim scholars say about Rashad Khalifa? You surely know that he, in order to prove a certain miraculous theory in the Qur'an (number 19), removed two verses from it, that he and his followers refuse everything from Sunnah, and finally, that he claimed to be a messenger of GOD. .. More

  • Mahdawis (followers of Mohammed Jonpuri) Date: 6-2-2000

    There is a sect called MAHDAWIS (followers of mahdi). According to them Syed Mohammed Jonpuri who was born in India in 900 Hijra is the real Mahdi and, anyone who does not believe in him is a Kafir. For this reason Mahdawis don't pray with other Muslims. What is the truth in the context of Qur'an and Sunnah?.. More