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  • Khawaarij are not extinct Date: 9-1-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Did the Khawaarij (Kharijites)become extinct after the Battle of Nahrawan, or do they still exist today? .. More

  • Imaam Ahmad’s statement that the Khaawarij are the Murji’ah Date: 9-1-2016

    Dear Shaykh, is the following saying of Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, may Allaah have mercy with him, true? “Verily, the Khawaarij, they are the Murji’ah.”How could this be possible? Are the Khawaarij and the Murji'ah two different sects? What did Imam Ahmed intend with these word's? May Allaah reward you Shaykh. .. More

  • The majority of jurists do not hold Khawaarij to be disbelievers Date: 16-2-2015

    As-salaamu 3laikum, I am confused about something I have heard. On your website it says that the Khawarij are not disbelievers. Somebody told me that they are and that the first person to be classed as from the Khawarij was a man who said to Rasulullah (salla Allahu 3laihi wa salam): 'This is not justice' about a decision that rasulullah (salla Allahu.. More

  • A person who believes that applying man-made laws is disbelief is not a Kharijite Date: 5-12-2011

    1. Some young men who claim to follow the Salafi Da‘wah (call of the early Muslims), accuse their brothers [in Islam] of being from the Khawaarij (a deviant sect). The reason behind this accusation is that the latter consider the arbitration of man-made laws as major Kufr (disbelief), which results in apostasy. They support their opinion with.. More

  • The statements of Khawaarij in creed and jurisprudence are not considered Date: 27-3-2006

    Can we take into account the statements of Khawaarij in creed and jurisprudence? .. More

  • Al-Khawarej Date: 4-9-2002

    I have, al-Hamdulillah, learned a lot through your web site. I wanted to ask about al-Khawarej, did Ali Ibn Abi say they were Kuffar or not? .. More