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  • Al-Burdah poem is full of excessive eulogy Date: 14-9-2003

    I heard that Qasidah Burdah is Bida'h is that true or not?.. More

  • Ibn Arabi, the Sufi Date: 9-4-2002

    I have read three of Ibn Arabi 's books and I found them very interesting. I would like to know what is your opinion about Ibn Arabi 's mysticism... More

  • Attending Nakshbandi lectures on your site Date: 27-2-2002

    I read the article about the Nakshbandiah. I am a university student and the only Islamic lecture that is being held near my university is the Nakshbandi one. I have attended a few of them and I have realized that what you have mentioned in your article is right. However, my question is it better for me not to attend their lectures and instead study.. More

  • Sufi Groups and Their Hierarchy Date: 16-1-2002

    I have questions about the Sufis, their groups and the hierarchy within their groups.1) Are these Sufi groups included in Islam - Dessoekya, Badawya, Rifaya, and Shadhelya?2) Is Sheikh Abdul Qadr the supreme authority (Qutub)?3) How many Sufis have this high rank - one or up to four?4) If there are four, who is the leader? .. More

  • Source of Sufism Date: 9-1-2002

    I am from Ahlu al-Sunnah wal Jamaah, al-Hamdulillah, wa li'llaahi al-hamd. As I have been taught and educated (about Islam) that in my belief there is no Sufism in true Islam. I have read that Sufism was brought and introduced to Muslim Countries by some deviating Muslims who were highly influenced and affected by Indian mysticism. Sufi terminology.. More

  • Making Pledge to Shaykhs, etc. Date: 26-9-2001

    Can we make any pledge (Bayath) to any Sheiks or Walis? .. More

  • Advice Against Sufi Groups Date: 24-4-2001

    My country, Algeria, and surrounding countries had undergone severe calamities and disasters in true Islamic Aqeedah (creed) by deviated innovating Sufi factions such as Teejaniya, Rah'maniya, Eesawiya, El Habria, Asshaad Hiliya, etc... Their so called Sheiks used to collaborate with the French colonialist administration to distort true Islam which.. More

  • Sufi terminologies Date: 16-4-2001

    In Tasawuf teaching there was a term that called Shariah, Tareeqa', Hakeekah and Maarifa'. Is this term really have been teaching by the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) to his companion (R.A.)... More

  • Muslims and other groups Date: 5-4-2001

    Is it true that every Muslim must enter the Thareeqah if they want to find the real worship to Allah (s.w.t.)? I read from some Tasawuf book that stated it... More

  • What is Sufism? Date: 2-7-2000

    What is "Sufism" (with details)?.. More

  • Sh. Nazim (Nakshband) seen in two place at same time Date: 7-5-2000

    According to someone Sheikh Nazim leader of Nakshband is seen in two places at a time. What is the fatwa on this regard?.. More

  • The Tareeqah At-Teejaaniyyah Date: 17-10-1999

    What is your opinion about "TARIKA" especially the "Tidjanian Tarika" implanted in Africa? Name the most famous Tarikas, and which are in the right way of the Prophet (SAW)? .. More