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  • The fundamentals of Da‘wah

    What are the fundamentals and prerequisites of Da‘wah?.. More

  • A woman inviting a non-Muslim man to Islam

    What is the ruling on a Muslim woman inviting her Christian male colleague to embrace Islam? .. More

  • Direct contact with women for Da‘wah

    I am a religious young man, thanks to Allaah The Almighty, and I have concerns about a young woman who lives nearby. She does not adhere to Islamic teachings and mixes with young men without dressing decently. I personally have never found her tempting, and I thank Allaah for that. Would it be permissible for me to invite her to adhere to.. More

  • Da‘wah requires patience and persistence

    I am a young man who has been guided by Allah, The Almighty, to performing prayers regularly after having abandoned the mosque for years. However, some of my family members do not pray on time, while others do not pray at all. What should I do? Should I repeatedly encourage them to pray, or is once enough? .. More

  • Going out for Da'wah leaving one's wife for months

    Dear Shaikh, Can a person stay away from his wife for more than 4 months, FOR THE PURPOSE OF TABLEEGH (with the Tableeghi Jamaat) ? Please note that, here, the emphasis is on the purpose of staying away (i.e. TABLEEGH). Please advice ASAP. Jazaak Allaahu Khairan.. More

  • How did married companions spread Islam worldwide?

    Assalamu alaikum.Thank you for question No.2112647.My question was not about when divorce can take place.My question was when after Hajjathul Wadha when companions(Allah be pleased with them)went to different parts of the world,those who were married or had children did they leave them?or did they take their families with them?or only those who were.. More

  • The conditions that permit debating with the Christians

    I was surprised in one programme named Pall talk to discover that the Christians insult the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, but I could not do anything as there were a great number of them whereas we were very few, only one or two persons. What should I do? .. More

  • Calling a disbeliever as such to his face

    It is permissible to point to a non-Muslim with the hand and tell him “You are a non-Muslim” while one really knows that he is a non-Muslim, is this permissible taking into account that whoever does not declare a non-Muslim a Kaafir or doubt in their belief then he is a non-Muslim himself as mentioned by the reviver of the Sunnah, Muhammad Abdal.. More

  • Woman's going out of her home for Da'wah

    I do Da'wah work among non-Muslims. My wife also is very eager to do. By doing Da'wah our servant reverted due to my wife's effort. What I want to know is just like men go out to do Da'wah? Does woman also have to do the same way (to female non-Muslims) as Verse 9:71 says so? I want proof from Prophet's wives and companions (Allaah be pleased.. More

  • Leaving one's home to call to Allaah

    Like the Prophets, may Allaah exalt their mention, are we too obliged to leave our houses in the way of Allaah, to spread Islam? Please advice. .. More

  • Has difficulty calling others to Islam

    I have two questions may Allaah bless you all. 1) t's been a year now that Allaah got out of darkness to light and have never felt so happy in my life, and to make up for the lost years I wanted to teach non-Muslim friends about Islam I have good knowledge of the Bible since I used to studied it before and tend to use their Bible to give Du'a.. More

  • Boy giving Da'wa to a girl

    I am a 16-years-old boy. I talked to a Christian girl of 14-years-old from America and I convinced her that Islaam is the right religion but she is not ready to embrace it because her school is very strict in religious teachings and she also fears what the whole community will say. She says if she did not have these problems she would.. More

  • Advising Muslim men and women not to mix in public

    I live in a Muslim country where most people have lost the Islaamic morals. It happens to me all the time to see a young man and a woman, who are not married, walking together with their arms around each other exactly like the Kuffars do. When no one is around I try to speak to them and advise them to show a some respect to those.. More

  • He does not do what he requires of others

    What is a ruling regarding a person who quotes Hadeeth to get someone to do what he wants and yet when someone tells the person who quotes the Hadeeth in the same way, he acts as if Islaam doesn't apply to him at all. He argues that we shouldn't be so fanatics and that we should be relaxed or we will end up punishing ourselves. I ask this question.. More

  • People like his message but not his being distant from them

    My brother is living in Kenya and he is practicing Sunnah. Recently he asked one brother to go and give Dawah to a certain village. The village people were happy because of the lecture but complained that my brother was not associating with them and they do not like him because he is not attending their wedding, does not pray in their Masjid or.. More