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  • Spending on one's family is given priority over every thing else

    I have the honor of being Chairman of Trustees of my local Mosque. I am also heavily involved in many voluntary activities for a number of Muslim charities in fields as diverse as education to management training to computerization. All this is fee-Sabeel-lillah(in the way of Allah). I have been working in the field of Dawah for over 15 years and can.. More

  • Left his sick wife to do Dawa'h with Tablighi Jama'ah

    One man decided to go out for Da'wah (Jama'ah Tabligh) for of Allah for 4/5 days or more. When the day came for going out as per his preparation, just 3/4 hours before his wife got very sick (was an emergency sickness). The man went to doctor and tried his best for her relieve but he could not meet with doctor. In this way his time was going out because.. More

  • Da'wah of the Sahabah

    How did the sahabahs give dawah?.. More

  • Limits for Talking to Non-Mahram Women

    A year ago before I change my life and become a good Muslim "Insha Allah", I used to know a girl that I thought I would marry but we weren't able to make it because of our differences that she doesn't believe in God. I don't know what to feel towards her, or how should I talk to her. I think that I should hate her but sometimes I tell myself that the.. More

  • Calling Muslim Girl to Sharee’ah

    My question is as follow. If a Muslim man who is following the Islamic Sharia is attracted by a girl of Muslim background (I mean she is not following the Sharia, but she believes in Allah and Islam, but she is clothing herself as non-Muslims, Mutabarijjah) His love should be in the first place for Allah (SWT) and Rasuel Allah Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi.. More

  • Fatwas issued in harsh tone

    This is actually a comment on your Fatwa regarding Muslims with non-Muslim families and relatives. I am just a Muslim who knows only the basics of Islam and I hope to learn more. However I know that Islam asked us to conduct our arguments with " Hussna". I did not sense any consideration in your explanations to his family. Nor did you question the strength.. More

  • How to Address Un-Islamic Behavior by High School Classmates

    I am a high-school student and at school I see some of my Muslim brothers and sisters doing things that are illegal in the religion of Islam and I am not able of telling them in a religious way. For example: one friend was wearing the hijab and took it off after 2 weeks. Some Muslim friends kiss on the cheeks when they meet (girls and boys together)... More