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  • Embrace Islam, the religion of tolerance Date: 14-9-2005

    I've been Catholic from birth. My religion has taught me to show the other cheek. I am getting to know a Muslim girl 'better', even in the sense of possibly converting and marrying her, so I would like to know whether I can apply the same principles? Or does converting to Islam mean I have to apply the Jewish principles of 'an-eye-for-an-eye'?.. More

  • Misunderstanding about both Islam and Christianity Date: 17-7-2005

    I believe Islam and true Christianity are very similar. 1. People are born sinners only through a relationship with The Lord can they be saved and changed. 2. Once we have a relationship with The Lord he then controls our lives and helps us keep his commandments. 3. There is an evil against The Lord, if we are not with The Lord and.. More

  • Travelling in a Muslim country during Ramadan Date: 2-6-2005

    I am Catholic, but I like to respect Muslim traditions if I travel in a Muslim country. I plan to travel in Iran and Dubai at the beginning of Ramadan beginning I think on October 4th. Do you think it is not respectful or at your point of view it is no problem travelling during that period?.. More

  • A woman seeking deeper knowledge of Islam Date: 9-9-2004

    I have a little knowledge about the Islaamic way of life. How do a woman seeking deeper knowledge of Islaam become a Muslim? .. More

  • Many Questions about Islam Date: 18-5-2004

    What is the reason of the moon and star being the symbol of Islam? What do the different actions of the prayer mean? What supplications are recited in the Supererogatory prayer of Tasabih (praises and glorification of Allah)? Is there any significance of men wearing coif (religious hat)? I live in Benoni close to Johannesburg in South Africa; can you.. More

  • Islam, the only true religion Date: 28-7-2003

    Everyone thinks that his religion is the right one, and Islam also. How can I see that Islam is the right one? Show me what's wrong in other religions... More

  • Private ownership in Islam Date: 21-5-2003

    Does Islam allow private ownership?.. More

  • Meaning of life in Islam Date: 29-6-2002

    What is the real meaning of life provided by Islam's concepts and ideology?.. More

  • Misconception of Islam Date: 20-1-2002

    The Christian God forgives His followers because of the sacrifice of the son. Why is it said of yours that he will not forgive even if you ask 70 times?.. More

  • What is Islam? Date: 24-7-2001

    What is Islam?.. More

  • Technical definition of ‘Muslim’ Date: 3-1-2000

    What is the technical definition of the word "Muslim"? Is there any other use of the word that is appropriate? .. More

  • General inquiries about Islam, etc. Date: 16-11-1999

    What is a Muslim's wedding or funeral like? How does Islam classify women? How can one read to understand the meaning of the Qur'an? How do Muslims pray and what words do they use? How does it feel when you make Hajj to Mecca? Could you send me a Qur'an?.. More

  • Principles of Islam Date: 21-8-1999

    I want to have an idea about the principles of Islam. .. More