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  • Wisdom behind Marrying More Than One Wife Date: 3-3-2020

    Assalam Walaikum Dear Sheikh, I want to know what is wisdom of Allah Subhan tala regarding the verse of multiple marriage specially we like to know wisdom fo Allah why did Allah Subhan tala first ordered muslim to marry two, three or four wives instead of one wife because ulema and general people in our society says Allah preferred for muslim men.. More

  • Wife Wants to Stay Far from Him After Miscarriage Date: 19-2-2019

    Assalamu Alaikum Sheikh,I recently married to my second wife last year (without the knowledge of first one as she is against this) on the condition that she will give up her rights but I put the condition at the time of nikah that I will do whatever I could with my own will to give her what she needs and we agreed to this in front of an imam. She is.. More

  • Not Jealous If Her Future Husband Marries Another Wife Date: 5-6-2018

    Salam. Is it permissible for me who is a female to hate women who has jealousy towards their husbands who married a 2nd, 3rd, and or 4th wife? I am not married, but I submit to Allah's rules and I do not see a problem if I had a husband who married others after or before me. I also know some Non-Muslim women who are married to the same husband and they.. More

  • It is permissible to marry up to four wives but he must be just Date: 2-2-2012

    Assammualaikum Dear sir , my husband has 1st wife & 4 childrens and i am the second second wife & our marriage is arrange marrige I am MBA degree holder and I have 1 son. . Sir, my husband always tell his 1st wife that, he did the 2nd marriage only to look after his work and business , he always bring home his 1st wifes relative and he tell.. More

  • Her husband wants to marry another woman after he caused her divorce from her husband Date: 18-2-2007

    my husband wants to marry a woman whom he hasmade to divorce her husband for himand she too divorced him she used to say she wants to leave her husband to marry mine and at da same time wants my consent i cannot tolerate this betrayal because my husband promised me to be mine only all his life and made dat woman my friend also he wants both me and her.. More

  • Objecting the method of polygyny and not the principle Date: 23-3-2006

    Why is it that some religious brothers become agitated on a person who marries a second wife despite being able financially and morally, for whomever wants this marriage? .. More

  • Has objection to the principle of polygyny in Islam Date: 13-2-2006

    I would like to know if I'm consider a sinner for not believing its ok for a husband to have four wives and if I'm considered still a Muslim if I do not believe in having four wives. .. More

  • Doesn't want to go near his 2nd wife Date: 9-2-2005

    Recently my 2nd wife find out that I was looking for a 3rd wife and during the argument she started getting wild and attacking me with her fist, to the extent that I started bleeding from a scratch. Ever since that day I have not had any inclination of touching her or even being close to her. May Allaah forgive me. .. More

  • Doesn't understand reasons for polygyny Date: 25-1-2005

    Before I start my question, I just want to let you know that the service your provide to Muslim and non-Muslim around is a great service. Please continue what your doing. May Allah bless you. I'm a Muslim and I really don't see the importance of polygamy. I have heard from other Muslims saying that, "if your wife can't produce kids, or if.. More

  • Wisdom of Polygyny Date: 19-2-2004

    If a woman's husband marries again, she will spend nights alone; in fact if he marries 3 more times then she spends most of her life alone, while he gives his time to other women. His needs are satisfied every night, but the woman has no husband at home to satisfy her needs. Where is the justice in this and how can a woman tolerate such a thing... More

  • Criticism of polygyny Date: 15-1-2002

    I have read your defense of having multiple wives. You say it is good because some women would not have husbands otherwise. If there were more men than women would you say the women should have multiple husbands? I think not. Many of your quotes only point to the base desires of the human flesh. Where is the purity God desires for us? In the beginning.. More

  • Polygyny in Islam Date: 20-6-2001

    Please give me brief description about the polygamy in Islam? As the polygamy is opposed or criticised by the modern world, what can be the best answer given to such opposers or criticisers? .. More