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  • No Companions were left in Abyssinia when An-Najaashi died Date: 13-10-2016

    We read that Ibn Taymiyyah said that there were no Companions left in Abisinnyah to pray the funeral prayer for An-Najaashi. Is it confirmed that no Companions remained behind when some left to Makkah (thinking that the Quraysh had accepted Islam) and others to Madinah? .. More

  • Person who temporarily stays in another country is not a muhaajir Date: 23-3-2016

    I want to know: Who is the muhaajir (person who migrates) among the following? 1.The one who leave his/her own country and settles down somewhere else permanently? 2.The one who merely migrates for the sake of trade or business for a few days but does not permanently settle there? .. More

  • Migration to Abyssinia Date: 5-10-2003

    Why did Muslims migrate to Abyssinia and what was the situation there?.. More