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  • The works of Az-Zaylaʻi Date: 2-1-2018

    I was wondering, how are the works of the scholar Az-Zaylaʻi? .. More

  • The three phases of Abu Al-Hasan Al-Ash‘ari Date: 12-12-2017

    Assalaamo alaykum, is Abu Al-Hasan Al-Ash‘ari from the Salaf (righteous predecessors) or the Khalaf (latter-day Muslims)? .. More

  • Brief biography of Imaam As-Sijzi Date: 7-11-2017

    Shaykh, who was Shaykh Abu Nasr As-Sijzee (d. 444 AH.)? What was his School of Thought and creed? .. More

  • Whether Imaam Al-Bukhaari married and had children Date: 24-10-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum, dear Scholars. My question is about the married life of Imam Al-Bukhaari. There are conflicting reports about his marriage. The first report is that he was never married. The second report states that he did indeed get married but did not have any male children, as mentioned by Al-Haakim in Ma‘rifah ‘Uloom Al-Hadith. The third.. More

  • Ibn Hajar's book Hidaayat Ar-Ruwaat Date: 5-10-2017

    I am aware that there is a book called Takreej Al-Mishkaat by Al-Albani, but did Hafiz Ibn Hajar ever do work on the Mishkaat? Is it titled Hidaayat Ar-Ruwaat? .. More

  • Studying Al-Asfahaani's book 'Mufradaat Al-Quran' Date: 9-9-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I am a student of knowledge, and my question is regarding the book Al Mufradaatby Ar-Raaghib Al-Asfahaani, who is of the Ash‘ari creed. Is it ok to take knowledge from it as a person of Ahl-us-Sunnah as the book is about the Arabic morphology in the Quran? May Allaah grant you success for your efforts... .. More

  • Biography of Mulla Ali Al-Qaari Date: 23-8-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah. Who was Mulla Ali Qari Harawi? What is your advice concerning his Tafseer (exegesis) and Mirqat? Was he from the people of innovation? May Allah reward you. .. More

  • Authenticity of descriptions in Ibn Al-Qayyim's poem An-Nooniyyah Date: 21-8-2017

    I was wondering; does the poem An-Nooniyyah by Ibn Al-Qayyim contain descriptions from weak hadiths? .. More

  • Two scholars known as Ibn Rushd Date: 7-6-2017

    Who was Ibn Rushd? What was his work? What did he contribute to Islam? What are his teachings? What are the Concepts of Ibn Rushd? .. More

  • The four Imaams got married and had children Date: 4-5-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Were the four Imams - Imam Abu Haneefah, Imam Maalik, Imam Ash-Shaafi‘i, and Imam Ibn Hanbal - married? .. More

  • Biography of Abd Al-Malik ibn Marwaan Date: 23-2-2017

    Who was ‘Abd Al-Malik ibn Marawan? .. More

  • Accusation against Imaam Abu Haneefah Date: 9-1-2017

    Is the following accusation true? Sufyan ibn ‘Uyaynah said that he presented a hadith to Imam Abu Haneefah and that he said, “Do not show it to to me again, just pee on it.” Apparently, this is found in a book called Majroohoon and is graded authentic. Is this not a lie? .. More

  • Biography of Yahya ibn Muzayn Date: 1-11-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. In fatwa no. 326731, you quoted Al-Baaji, who mentioned the names Yahya bin Maryam and Yahya bin Muzayn. Please tell us who these men were and what their status is amongst the people of knowledge? May Allaah reward you. .. More

  • Ibn Taymiyyah's view on trimming beard and covering woman's face and hands Date: 11-10-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. Can you please provide us with the opinion of Ibn Taymiyyah (excusively) on the following issues: 1)Trimming of the beard that is more than a fistful. 2)Covering of face and hands by women (whether it is obligatoryor recommended)? May Allaah reward you. .. More

  • Hadeeth scholar Shaykhah ‘Aa'ishah bint Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul Haadi Date: 3-9-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. My question is about the Hadith scholar Shaykhah ‘Aa'ishah bint Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul Haadi. Was she the daughter of one of the great students of Ibn Taymiyah, Ibn ‘Abdul Haadi? And was she the teacher of Hafidh Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani, as is mentioned in Shazaraat Az-Zuhab by Ibn Al-Imad, in 9/178 Shamela, where it says that Ibn.. More