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  • Repeatedly looking at a woman is prohibited Date: 3-5-2011

    When I check my email while working, sometimes pictures of women appear. What is the Sharee‘ah (Islamic law) ruling on looking at these pictures?.. More

  • Phone sex as a form of Zina Date: 14-7-2009

    These days mobile phones have become very commmon and often boys and girls tend to have sex on phone by pretending to be and sounding like having real sex together. Even though physically both are apart, but they fantasize having sex together. I wanted to ask whether this thing as a sin is equal to having real physical zina? Or it is less than a real.. More

  • A brother and sister bathing together Date: 3-10-2006

    Can a brother and sister take bath together and saw each other's body? .. More

  • Looking at the sexual parts of non-Muslim women Date: 3-10-2006

    Please tell me which parts of the body of a non-muslim woman is a muslim man allowed to see. Please tell me all the opinions of fiqh schools and please don't conceal the most easy opinion because if you conceal it many of us will find that it is not possible for them to act according to Islam and they will start looking at the sexual parts of non-muslim.. More

  • Several questions about sexual intercourse Date: 5-4-2006

    I want to know whether it is correct for couples to sleep naked in the night. And how many times in 24 hours can a husband and wife have intercourse is there anything specified in Islam and medical point of view is there any restriction that it effects ones health and he /she feels tired? How to know whether wife got the orgasm after male's ejaculation.. More

  • Ejaculation resulted from looking, its ruling, its health effects Date: 1-4-2006

    What is the ruling of ejaculating resulted from looking, and does it have any health effects?.. More

  • It is forbidden to look at a woman more than once Date: 1-4-2006

    By profession, some pictures of women may appear on my e-mail, is it permissible to look at them? [What is the Islamic ruling on this?].. More

  • Is it a condition to leave a particular distance when addressing a marriageable woman? Date: 23-3-2006

    What is the distance that one should leave when speaking to a marriageable woman face to face? .. More

  • Talking to women without lowering the gaze Date: 2-10-2005

    I am living in a Buddhist country. The way of life is very far from Sharee'ah. It is very difficult to guard our eyes all the time. We have to speak to non-Mahram without any curtain when speaking. What is the Islamic ruling in this regard? If any bad though come to the mind in a later time and if we further think about it is it a great sin. May.. More

  • Seeing and hearing women on TV news Date: 12-7-2005

    We see TV, watch news, so is it permitted to see the face of women and to hear her voice?.. More

  • Purifying oneself while studying in western countries Date: 30-5-2005

    If one admits its sins such Zina and asks for the punishment to be given while living in the western countries. What can be done How can you purify yourself while getting education in western countries where you are in enormous pressure to carry sins such as Zina?.. More

  • Has difficulty lowering his gaze from women Date: 24-2-2005

    I am suffering from a big trouble, I a Muslim and I do believe in God I pray, I went to Umrahtimes I am engaged now, but when I was single and younger I went out with many girls and did mistakes, now I love my fiancée but I have a big desire to follow sluts in the street and talk to them but I run away when I feel that she will go with.. More

  • Women watching men playing sports Date: 27-12-2004

    Muslims are deriving so many Fatwas from the Hadeeth which says 'Aa'ishah, may Allaah be pleased with her, watched Abyssinian people playing with spears on 'Eed. Was not 'Aa'ishah only 9 years-old at that time? That means before puberty? So how can this Hadeeth be used to say that we can watch sports etc. In fact in almost all the sports men.. More

  • Husband wants to watch unclothed women but demands that his wife cover Date: 14-9-2004

    If a person sees naked women in any of the channel of T.V should he open the channel again? If someone ask him to change the channel and he scold him is it right? My husband wants me to wear Hijaab but all the time he watches Hijaab less women in the T.V also naked women but if I forbade him he misbehave with me. Alhamdulillaah, I wear Hijaab because.. More

  • Zina of eye-sight and practicing bio-technology Date: 9-8-2004

    1. Does Islam allow a husband to kiss his wife in the mouth, i.e. mouth-to-mouth kissing? 2. Is it allowed for a Muslim to practice bio-technology because according to my opinion it is not allowed because it involves transgression of Allah's creation just like human cloning? 3. The prophet has told us that the eyes, ears and heart commits adultery?.. More