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  • Ruling on washing eggs Date: 4-4-2013

    Why are chicken eggs not washed before they are cooked?.. More

  • Is tanned pig skin pure? Date: 28-3-2013

    in some fatwas in islamweb, pig skin is allowed after tanning, in some other fatwas in islamweb, it's not allowed. Which one is correct? Also islamweb fatwa says pig hair brush is allowed, is this correct? I don't intend to use/buy any pig products, but need to know if I need to wash if coming in contact with them. For dogs, the prophet was specific.. More

  • Ruling on using antlers taken from living deers Date: 5-2-2013

    is halal deer antlers which are harvested from a living anmal? .. More

  • Writing Allaah's names with a paint brush made from pig hair Date: 25-11-2012

    I am a painter and doing calligraphy Allah’s name with oil paints. Can we use paint brush made with hairs of pig for this purpose... More

  • Dog’s impurity transferring from one item to another Date: 2-9-2010

    Al Salam Wa Alakum Wa Rahmatuallahi Wa Barakatu Our neighboor used to take our trash out and he used to have dogs and now I feel each time I need to pull the trash out I may have gotten contaminated with dog saliva from the bins and I have the compulsion to wash my hands and clothes but does touching something dry contaminate ? such as my clothing.. More

  • Purity of the water of a small aquarium Date: 30-6-2010

    dear brothers, is the water of a small aquarium pure? I have an aquarium in my room with six fishes in it and sometimes when i clean the aquarium some water spills on my floor. Does this make my floor impure? if yes, then how do i clean it and make it pure? Thank you... More

  • Purity of chicken waste and clothes of disbelievers Date: 28-2-2010

    1.assalamu alaikum, what is the rule of hen/coke waste(dung) in islam. 2. I live in a house with none muslims and we use the same string to display our washed cloths. what is the rule of the splash of water from the washed cloth of the none Muslim....... .. More

  • A dead fish does not affect the purity of the room Date: 21-1-2010

    dear brothers, i have an aquarium in my room and lately after one fish died i kept it there for a while. Does the presence of a dead creature (fish) affect the purity of my room? I have prayed salah during that state, are they ok?.. More

  • Wearing shoes made of pig skin Date: 3-11-2009

    Asalamualaikum...i have a doubt here about pig skin shoes...that friend brought a shoe from a store which is placed in normal category shoes..after a month...we saw the same shoe(same pattern and color) in another franchise of that store placed under the category of pig skinned we are in doubt whether my friends shoe is really made.. More

  • Using brushes made of the hair of pure animals Date: 2-6-2009

    Assalamu Alykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu, I wanted to know whether brushes made from hairs of goat, pony, horse, badgers, zebra's, Minx, etc are halal for muslims to use JazakAllaah,.. More

  • Anything that a dog licks becomes impure Date: 21-6-2007

    Alsamu Alikum Regarding Fatwa # 95439( Purifying Cloth Which is licked by Dog) the mufty Said " This apply to Receptacles OR ANYTHING else as the impurity is". I learned that the Hadeeth is very specific as to wash the bowl Human eats from which a dog has also ate 7 times with the 1st. wash to be with soil. washing the bowl seven times is a dalil sharee.. More

  • Excrements of birds dropping on one's clothes Date: 14-9-2006

    As Salamalaikum, Kindly tell me what is the opinion of ulema regarding the bird droppings on clothes,do they have 2 be washed a whole or mere washing the affected area will suffice.Can salaat be offered in such clothes before clensing them.Jazakallah Wasalam.. More

  • The prayer in clothes touched by the urine of a sheep is valid Date: 30-3-2006

    What is the ruling on a man who carried a sheep and it urinated on his clothes, and he only remembered while he was performing the prayer?.. More

  • The impurity of 'Awrah Date: 28-3-2006

    Is the 'Awrah of a man and a woman impure? .. More

  • The cat is pure but its urine is impure Date: 28-3-2006

    During the prayer the cat comes and lies on the prayer mat when I perform the prayer. So, is my prayer valid? .. More