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  • The trace of blood after washing the garment Date: 26-1-2014

    Does the color of blood which remains after washing the garment render the prayer invalid? .. More

  • When teeth bleeding necessitates washing mouth Date: 10-9-2013

    salaam aleikoum dear shaykh, Many times when I use a stick to clean my teeth in the car they bleed, then i get veru distressed because blood is najis. Can I get rid of this blood by spitting it out and then it's taahir/clean or it it required that I first go to a bathroom and clean it with water to not extend the najasah with is in my mouth? jazaka.. More

  • Certainty of Tahaarah is not removed by doubt Date: 22-5-2013

    asslam u alykum. blood from nose bleed is najas.while rinsing my nose during wudu sometimes it bleeds and drops of water come on my shirt too. sometimes the color of the shirt is dark and i cannot tell whether blood is on the shirt or not.plz advice me .. More

  • Washing a Muslim's clothes with those of a non-Muslim Date: 8-4-2013

    Our Christian maid washes her clothes in the same washing machine in which our clothes are washed, but not at the same time. The machine is cleansed first with water before our clothes are washed there. Are our clothes pure in this way? Thank you... More

  • Are impurities on clothes of sewage workers pardoned? Date: 23-1-2013

    assalam alaykum.please is it true that people whose work involve sewages are pardoned concerning impurities in their cloth?dear sheikh,i want you to enumerate those that shari'ah has pardoned in regard to impurities.may Allah reward you. .. More

  • Does the lingering smell of an impurity affect the validity of ablution and prayer? Date: 24-12-2012

    My mother is rather suspicious concerning removing impurities after she relieves herself. When she cleans her private parts with her hands during Istinjaa' and then performs ablution and prays, she may still smell the scent of impurities on her hand; does this invalidate the prayer and ablution?.. More

  • The urine of the formula-fed baby boy Date: 21-3-2010

    Assalaamu alaikum, I know that if a baby boy is completely breastfed without solid foods, his urine is pure, but what if he is formula fed instead of breastfed? would his urine be pure or is formula considered to be food? Jazak Allah khair.. More

  • Purification of an old ill person with broken legs Date: 10-9-2009

    assalamu aleykum! there is old ill person with broken legs..and this person is wearing pampers so that going to toilet is not available...because most of the time this person is lying in the can he pray? can he pray in pampers?.. More

  • Dried himself after Ghusl with a dirty towel Date: 22-7-2009

    Asalamualaikum...if i perform ghusl(obligatory bath) and then i dry myself after the ghusl with a towel..a day after that i notice that the towel i used yesterday was not so clean..there is some dirt and i'm not sure whether the dirt is a najis or not...did i have to perform my ghusl once again?is my ghusl valid?if the dirt was a najis does it make.. More

  • A little dirt preventing water from reaching the skin during ablution Date: 18-5-2008

    May Allah reward you greatly. When one washes his feet in wudu do they need to be completely free of dirt, because sometimes dirt comes on the foot and stains it and it is hard to get off unless you rub the skin and this may damage it. Wa salam alaikum wr wb.. More

  • Urine smell remaind in the clothes after washing them Date: 6-5-2008

    A person notes that several hours after washing traces of urine from his clothes, and making salaah in them, a faint trace of urine smell exists on them. Should he repeat all the salawaat performed between the time the urine was washed from his clothes and the time he discovered the smell?.. More

  • The impurity of a boy before he starts eating food Date: 30-3-2006

    Until what age does the urine of a boy remains pure to an extent that it does not invalidate ablution?.. More

  • In principle all places are pure Date: 26-3-2006

    I want to inquire about something which happens to me much. If I fall in the street, or any other dry place, like the sidewalk, or stairs of a building, or in the market, do my clothes become impure? It should be noted that one is doubtful about the sidewalk, or street, or stairs of a building, in other words, it is pretty sure that they are impure... More

  • Performing Hajj with a tattoo Date: 30-3-2005

    Can a person go to Hajj if they have a tattoo? I know a person who had one when he was young - which he now regrets. However as the dye is injected between the skin - water still cleans the skin surface thus ablution is still valid as surface layer is washed when Wudu/Ghusl is carried out (I got this from a Mufti) - however I need clarification.. More

  • Removing impurities from clothing, furnishings, etc. Date: 4-2-2002

    I cannot thank you enough for your previous help to me and for your care. My question is:When I move a piece of clothes with some Najas (impurity) on it (that Najas is hardly noticeable, if I did not know that there was Najas on it, I would believe that it is clean), when I move or touch a piece of clothing with this minute amount of Najas on it, it.. More