962 fatwas

  • Ruling on following the Barelvi sect Date: 24-8-2014

    Aslamualakaum I heard someone say that someone he was talking to done a dua to Allah to guide him to the right group, and the person ended up becoming a brelvwi. Im a bit confuused, becuase i thought brewvlis do a lot of biddah and kufr. Could it be maybe he wasnt sincere or maybe Allah may guide him later. .. More

  • You should hasten to embrace Islam even if you are unable to practice it fully Date: 31-7-2014

    Sub: Reverted to Islam Assalamu alaikum. I’m Kanna, from Japan and working as a teacher. I started thinking of converting but before making the decision, I have a question and I will appreciate you if you would answer this. (if not, would you able to forward this email to someone knowlegeable?) The question is as follows. Which is better, 1: to convert.. More

  • Inviting one's non-Muslim parent to Islam is an aspect of dutifulness Date: 30-7-2014

    My father is a non-Muslim; he does not believe in the truth of Islam. However, my mother refuses to acknowledge this fact and tells him to pray behind me. I am weak of heart so I simply follow her order. Is the fact that I am leading my father in prayer, despite me knowing that he is non-Muslim, haram? If it is haram, is this an act of major kufr/shirk.. More

  • The main cause of slavery originates from the legal war with the disbelievers Date: 23-6-2014

    Assalammualaikum I've read the fatwa of slavery in islamweb and i've found that slavery nowdays can only be valid by war between the kuffar. I've never found any other fatwa from this. Is this matter consensus or ijma? And can i have the reference which scholar stated that it is ijma and in which book? .. More

  • It is recommended for a new convert to have his head shaved Date: 21-6-2014

    Assalaam alaykum. Should the person who converts to Islam shave his head? Is it mandatory? .. More

  • How to react to non-Muslim parents' disapproval of new Islam conversion Date: 7-6-2014

    Assalaamu 3alaikum dear scholars. I'm a 21 year old convert and I have a dilemma which I need to take care of. My father does not approve of my Islam and wishes that I convert back to christianity and I don't want that. He shouts and yells when I disagree with him about 'Iisa 3alaihissalam dying on the cross and that he's not the son of God. As time.. More

  • A wife should advise her husband who watches unlawful TV shows in a wise manner Date: 3-6-2014

    Assalamu alaikum. May Allah bless you and your families. A wife agreed to let the husband use her Money to buy a new tv when they were newly married. Or maybe even it was her suggestion to give the Money to him when he wanted to buy a new tv, she can not remember. He had a tv from before, but it was old and he wanted to buy a new one. Now the wife is.. More

  • A Da’wah group obliges people to attend its circle in the Masjid Date: 30-4-2014

    Salaam alaikum shaikh, in our masjid everyday after Salah few persons (mostly related with Tablighi Jamaat) sit and read Muntakhab Ahadees or Fazail-e-Amaal (this latter book was criticized by Scholars in Saudi Arabia for having unusual stories based on Islam). Now sometimes if we discuss other Islamic matters in masjid (for Dawah etc.), they stop us.. More

  • Why the names of Prophets differ in the Quran and Bible Date: 29-4-2014

    Assalamu alikum va rahmatullah, In holly quran, Injeel is considered to be an authentic revelation which is transformed to today's so called Bible, in which the name of the prophet are sound english like Jesus, marry, moses, jonah but the last and final revelation quran mentioning the prophet's names are in arabic slang, so how would you justify these.. More

  • She challenged her sister to invoke the curse of Allaah on the one of them who was wrong Date: 8-4-2014

    I am a sister with Asperger syndrome. This prevents me from living a normal life due to it's physical and psycological impact. My four years younger sister who is in her mid-twenties only cares about this dunya and gets angry when i advice her about taking care of her religioun. She does not pray, nor fast nor wear hijab and works until midnight when.. More

  • How to deal with an abusive dishonest boss Date: 5-4-2014

    Assalamualaikom Brothers, Please find the following questions that need your answer. 1. I would like to know how to respond Atheists mocking Islam due to the current situation in most Muslim countries. 2. I usually hear from scholars that 'an aunt is a mother', does it follow that nephew/niece are mandatory to follow their aunts? Does disobeying aunt.. More

  • The 'Da'wah on foot' practiced by Tableegh group Date: 26-3-2014

    I am from Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan there is a very famous group named Tablighi Jamaa’ah. They gather a group of people and stay in some of the masjids for three or forty days and performing da'wah. Sometimes they would spend forty days where they would go everywhere on foot and not use any vehicles. I have also seen this group in.. More

  • Non-Muslims are required to follow the teachings of Islam Date: 15-3-2014

    As-salaamu 3laikum, Sometimes when I have my period I may sit with my non-Muslim relatives during the whole time between one prayer and another, because in winter in my country the prayer times are very close together. Do I incur any sin because they do not get up to pray during this time? Jazaakumu Allahu khair .. More

  • Reporting a proctor who allows cheating on exams Date: 6-3-2014

    During one of my exams the invigilator allowed full, complete cheating in the classroom. I did not cheat even one word. However I felt that cheating being allowed was unfair, because due to the noise of students asking each other questions, my exam did not go well due to noise. Feeling that something unfair had been done, I immediately filed a complaint.. More

  • Sufi 'Shaykh' claims to know faith of others Date: 27-1-2014

    Once in our local area a sheikh (Allamah) has came, every people of our local area took bayah upon his hand, he embraced with most of the peoples and kept his hand upon the heart of the peoples to testify the heart feeling whether their heart ( Qalb) actually remembering allah or not. He selected 10 (their heart or Qalb mostly remebers allah) out of.. More