962 fatwas

  • Ruling on an old man preaching to women in the presence of his Mahram women Date: 12-1-2014

    My mother’s parental cousin is a religious and informed sixty-four-year-old man who loves preaching and advising people, and he wants to enjoin others and share his Islamic knowledge with them. He comes to our house with his wife and sometimes with his two sisters to sit with my grandmother, mother and aunts, who are all adherent to their due Hijaab,.. More

  • Refuting the malicious allegation that Islam is not a religion of love and tolerance Date: 9-1-2014

    I had a relationship with a girl and after more than a year I found out that she is Christian. I did not ask her about her religion since her name is common name among both Muslims and Christians. I can not leave her; so I asked her to embrace Islam, but she refused. The reason behind her rejection was her belief that Christianity is the religion of.. More

  • The Christians worshipping 'Eesa and claiming that he is the son of Allaah The Exalted Date: 9-1-2014

    Allaah The Exalted Says (what means): {They have taken their scholars and monks as lords besides Allaah, and [also] the Messiah, the son of Mary.} [Quran 9:31] The Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, clarified to ‘Uday ibn Haatim, may Allaah be pleased with him, that what is meant by “taking as lords” here is not worshipping them, but that.. More

  • History of Judaism and the reason behind the name ‘Jews’ Date: 9-1-2014

    Could you please answer my question for I have searched for the answer and was not able to find a good answer. What is the exact date of the revelation of Judaism? Who are the prophets who were sent with it? When was Judaism considered an official religion? I would like to ask the same questions about Christianity. May Allaah reward you. .. More

  • Ruling on those who deny second coming of 'Eesa Date: 5-1-2014

    In the name of Allah the all knowing, Aslam o alaykum wa rahmatullhi wa barakato. I have a serioous question. ..a brother has said and believed in a statement that the prophet ISA A.S has died or been taken alive and WILL NOT RETURN. HE HAS BEEN ON WEBSITES WHO ARE HOSTED BY QADIANIS AND HADITH REJECTORS. By saying this and believing that the prophet.. More

  • One should advise wrongdoers until advice does not benefit Date: 24-12-2013

    As salamu 'aleikum, I am learning how to sew clothes. The clothes I make are all modest: long, wide, and covering. The other women all make fashionable dresses that are worn at wedding parties. They are transparent, tight, and/or short. All they talk about is weddings and fashion. I have told them I do not go to wedding parties because the music they.. More

  • Her husband teaches a girl Islam on Facebook Date: 21-12-2013

    Asslamu alaykum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuh Im an arabic sister married newly to a non Arabic brother and we still not living with each other..my husband try to follow sunnatu Rassuli Allah and try to understand Islam as the understanding of Sahaba and tabi3en...but I have problem with him..he gaved an islamic lesson to some younger boys and girls.. More

  • Why a Muslim cannot marry a woman who curses the Prophet's Companions Date: 17-12-2013

    Salam 'alaykum... Why we are permitted to marry people of the Book while not permitted to marry deviant sects like Rafidha? .. More

  • Followers of the so-called 'Chrislam' are disbelievers Date: 17-12-2013

    Can you pls briefly describe the blend religion "Chrislam"? Is it acceptable worldwide and can a muslim woman allow to marry people following this faith? .. More

  • Why did 'Eesa, may Allaah exalt his mention, not resurrect his mother? Date: 16-11-2013

    Asalaam alaikum why prophet esa pbuh did not resurrect his own mother. .. More

  • Spying on people to forbid them from evil Date: 31-10-2013

    assalam o alaikum i am a doctor and i live in pakistan my family is not that religious. we are basically partly practicing muslims. recently my parents have allowed my youger sisters to have cell phones and they have been caught having boyfriends. my mom scolded and beat them but they still got to keep their phones despite my protest. now they are very.. More

  • How to deal with parents who smoke Date: 15-9-2013

    How should we deal with smoking parents? To what extent can we go against them and limit their behavior? Sometimes it happens that either the father or mother (and sometimes both parents) smoke at home, which affects their children too. What can we do, if the mere exhortation is to no avail? Is it allowed to destroy the cigarettes secretly? Is it allowed,.. More

  • Insulting the deities of disbelievers Date: 1-9-2013

    Assalamu Alaikum, In Quran ( 6:108), Allah asks the believers not to scold deities which other people worship lest they may scold us back. There are several verses in Quran where Allah explains how the idols are powerless and how those people who worship are lacking in intelligence and in error, misguidance. They are compared to cattles with no intelligence... More

  • She wants to embrace Islam but cannot leave her non-Muslim husband Date: 1-9-2013

    A nonmuslim wants to revert but has been advised to first seperate from her husband who doesnot wants to revert , can she revert without divorcing him. He is not ready to revert but future allah knows. If the life is in danger can she declare shahadah and yet stay with the husband and have no physical contact. Which is a greater sin to die as non muslim.. More

  • How to avoid idle talk when giving Da'wah Date: 1-9-2013

    Assalam Alaikum! I speak to my mother & sisters on skype. I mostly like to hear & talk about Islam only. I'm not interest in much of any other topics. This annoys my mother & family.They like to talk about people, food ,fashion .. they practice 15 shabaan, mawlood, Jafer sadique functions.. I no longer in to these things. In a loving tone.. More