962 fatwas

  • Nation of Islam Date: 29-9-2001

    I want to know that if there is any scholar that has said anything about the Nation of Islam, the black Muslim movement. Please can you give a quote of the big scholars. .. More

  • Making Pledge to Shaykhs, etc. Date: 26-9-2001

    Can we make any pledge (Bayath) to any Sheiks or Walis? .. More

  • Muslim girl with Christian friends wants to read Bible Date: 25-9-2001

    I'm a Muslim girl and I'm now in USA and I have Christian friends. I want to know more about their religion so I bought a bible and I want to ask you if it is ok if i read it! I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks... More

  • Following madhhabs Date: 20-9-2001

    Can we follow all madhhabs (Fiqh schools of thought) at the same time?.. More

  • Following a Madhab Date: 20-9-2001

    Is it must for a Muslim to follow any one of four "Madhab Imam"? How many "Madhab" Imams are there in total?.. More

  • Da'wah with Tableegh Jamaat Date: 17-9-2001

    Is it permissible to go in Tableegh Jamaat for Da'wah work? Are these people on right path? Please guide me... More

  • Forgiveness of sin for the new Muslim Date: 9-9-2001

    Can I say to someone who converted to Islam, "Allaah will forgive your sins since you became a Muslim", without saying Inshaa' Allaah. Or do I say Inshaa' Allaah, Allaah will forgive you?.. More

  • A New Convert in UK with Non-Muslim Parents Date: 5-9-2001

    I am a convert to Islam, Al-hamdulillah and I was wondering what the rules regarding my situation would be, according to the Qur'an and Sunnah. I am living with my non-Muslim, atheist parents in an area with no Islamic community in United Kingdom. I am unable to wear Hijab outside because of my dad's beliefs about it and my workplace do not accept it... More

  • Feminist movement Date: 31-7-2001

    Can you give me some info with regards to the Feminist movement? How it started, when, where and its objectives/goals? Is it Islamic?.. More

  • What is Islam? Date: 24-7-2001

    What is Islam?.. More

  • Help for straying Muslim brother Date: 24-7-2001

    Please what should I do? One of my brothers who used to be very strict in guarding himself from Shaitan seems to have forgotten all that he used to preach. He didn't used to go clubbing, listen to music, watch TV, flirt, and talk vanities and he used to call all my other brothers back to the dean and pursue them to practicing and obeying Allah. But.. More

  • Virtue of acquiring knowlege to call to Islam Date: 20-7-2001

    What is better in the sight of Allah: to call to Islam or to study Islam for oneself?.. More

  • Choosing a Vocation for Allah's Sake Date: 20-7-2001

    Which one is better in the sight of Allah (higher reward in the day of judgement): a man who is working a full-time secular job and teaches Islam on a part-time basis or a man who is learning and teaching Islam on a full-time basis as this is his job. Which of these 2 is better? .. More

  • Fatwas issued in harsh tone Date: 9-7-2001

    This is actually a comment on your Fatwa regarding Muslims with non-Muslim families and relatives. I am just a Muslim who knows only the basics of Islam and I hope to learn more. However I know that Islam asked us to conduct our arguments with " Hussna". I did not sense any consideration in your explanations to his family. Nor did you question the strength.. More

  • Reverts to Islam in order to marry Date: 1-7-2001

    What is the ruling for a person who reverts for the sake of marriage but whole-heartedly accepts Islam and is practicing Islam (i.e. prayers, fasting, Zakah) and making every effort to learn Islam and read and understand the Qur'an?.. More