962 fatwas

  • Non-Muslim wife asked to become Muslim but need not pray, wear hijab or fast Ramadan Date: 16-1-2001

    I am Christian, married to a Muslim. We have a baby of 3 months. My husband has asked me for several years to convert to Islam (Al Shahada). He swears that he will never ask me to wear a scarf, to pray, to make Ramadan (because I am not willing to do these things). Is that logical? .. More

  • Hizb al- Tahreer Date: 15-1-2001

    Can you tell me about Hizb al- Tahreer? I heard that they do not believe in torment of grave? is it correct? Is it permissible to add or deduct something from Shariah?.. More

  • Wahabis talking of Hell Fire Date: 8-1-2001

    Why do Wahabis always talk about Hell Fire and Punishment? Don't they believe in the Mercy of Allah (SWT)? .. More

  • Sect of al Hijra and Takfir Date: 8-1-2001

    I would like you to explain to me the sense of the sect of hijra wa takfir... More

  • Explaining Islam to Non-Muslims Date: 26-12-2000

    I live in Canada, and of course I am surrounded by non-Muslims. Whenever I try to explain to them Islam they say that this is for the old generations. I have difficulty explaining to them that it also concerns our generation. The non-believers say that being gay is natural. But for sure I don't believe it because why would Allah punish them if it was.. More

  • Islamic way of selecting a committee Date: 30-9-2000

    1-In my high school we have an Islamic organization. But, we are having problems with setting up a commitee. What I would like to know is how can we select a new committee in the correct islamic manner? .. More

  • Four schools of Fiqh Date: 26-9-2000

    Which is the correct way: to follow the Salafi Manhaj, or to follow ONE Madhab (Abu Hanifa, Malik, Shafi‘i, and Ahmad), or to follow ALL FOUR Madhabs, or to just follow Qur'an and Sunnah, or is neither of these ways correct? PLEASE give me reference in your answer, Insha' Allah. I am VERY confused!.. More

  • Hizb at-Tahreer Date: 30-8-2000

    I have been told that it is Fard for me to be part of a Islamic group working for Khilafah due to the fact that the whole of the Sharia cannot be implemented without the ruling system, please help, the particular group that I am talking about is Hizb ul-tahrir, they say that they are the only group that work with Rasoolullah's (salal lahu alyhi wa salam).. More

  • Sufiyah and Salafiyah Date: 21-7-2000

    What is the difference between Sufiyah and Salafiyah?.. More

  • What is Sufism? Date: 2-7-2000

    What is "Sufism" (with details)?.. More

  • Ascent, descent and death of Jesus Date: 2-7-2000

    We know that Jesus was not killed by his conspirators, but when God said he will raise him to Himself, this verse is very general. Another verse states that Jesus said (when he was an infant) ¨"Peace on me that day I was born, that day I die, and the day I will be raised up again" Explain to me this situation. Asaalaam Alaikum.. More

  • Saying brother to non-Muslim Date: 20-6-2000

    There are Jewish Chat rooms on the internet. Is it allowed to join those rooms to invite the Jews to Islam using polite talk and beautiful preaching. For example, can I call them 'Brothers in humanity!'? Can I address them with respect? Can I show them the Qur'anic verses translated to English? Thank you!.. More

  • Religious discussion with a Christian Date: 18-6-2000

    While I was in a religious discussion with a Christian at work, I told him about Prophet Muhammad and explained to him he was prophisized by Isa too. The man rejected me and said to me plainly," it's not easy for someone to claim himself as prophet". I became frustrated and answered him in return and "even worse for someone to claim himself as God"... More

  • Religious 'fraudsters' who don't adhere to the Quran and the Sunnah Date: 3-6-2000

    What is the fatwa on religious fraudsters who do not adhere to the Quran and the Sunnah which they were taught at the various Islamic universities where they studied and is it possible for those universities to revoke their certificates on the basis that they do not adhere to the Qur'an and the Sunnah? .. More

  • Belief of reincarnation Date: 1-6-2000

    I 'd like to have enogh information about (reincarnation) in Islam & why is it forbidden because I 'm working in project & want to support my answer... More