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  • A Woman Showing Part of Her Hair in Prayer or Outside the Prayer in Front of Non-Mahram Men Date: 22-12-2021

    Salam!I was wondering what the ruling on a little bit of the neck or hair showing intentionally is. I don't mean showing the whole neck, just a smaller part of it (if the veil is loose for example or if you wear a turtleneck shirt/dress).I heard of the 'less than a quarter' rule and some scholar's positions as well .. More

  • Does Not Cover Her Entire Hair in Prayer Due to Her Hairstyle Date: 21-11-2021

    Assalamualaikum!Whenever I wear hijab for prayer, a little bit hair (up my ear) is shown and it's about an inch. I try to cover it but I can't because of my hairstyle. I've hard that according to hanafi fiqh, less than one-fourth of awrah doesn't count if uncovered. But the fatwa is about hair being uncovered during salah. And my situation is before.. More

  • Praying in Pants with Holes But ‘Awrah Is Not Visible from Outside Date: 12-10-2021

    Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh. I've already see the fatwa for question about hole in pants. But, what is the ruling when holes are found in every seam of pants? It's not only one hole, rather it's many but it's tiny. The awrah won't be visible from outside where as the inside is dark, but if I look from inside of the pants, I could see.. More

  • Praying with Pants Shaping The ‘Awrah Date: 5-1-2020

    Assalaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah We most of Bangladeshis wear pants over shirts in offices. So the shape of our waists (below the navel) becomes visible to others. Particularly when we bow and prostrate in Salah, the shape of our backs and private parts become clear to others. In such a case, performing salah with these dresses would be correct or.. More

  • Prayed With a Little Hole in His Trousers Date: 24-3-2019

    May you all be blessed, I prayed Salatul Asr and realised afterwards that I had prayed in my trousers which have a small rip in them that is about the size of a corn kernel, which I think exposes an area of the thigh. I knew about it before, but had forgotten about it when I wore them on this occasion. Should I repeat the prayer from that day, even.. More

  • Part of woman's arm uncovered in prayer Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have two queries: 1. My prayer gown has men's shirt-like sleeves with buttons to fasten at the wrist and a slight opening above the buttons. The sleeves fully cover my arms; however, during some positions of the prayer, like when I raise my arms, a bit of the skin of my forearms can be seen through that opening. Does this amount.. More

  • Praying without fully covering ‘Awrah Date: 6-12-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. My sister used to pray in short sleeves, and I had told her that she should pray in long sleeves. Long after that, she still used to pray in short sleeves. Recently, she has bought a piece of cloth which will cover her hands. During the time that she used to pray in short sleeves, she gave me some money as gift. I hold the view that.. More

  • Praying with a shirt that reveals the shoulder Date: 3-5-2017

    What are the limits of the ‘awrah (what should be covered of the body) during the prayer? Is it permissible to pray in a basketball shirt that partially reveals the shoulder? May Allah bless you. .. More

  • Small part of woman's legs or arms revealed in prayer Date: 1-11-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. If I wear loose pants during the prayer, then the leg holes at the bottom are loose as well, so when I prostrate, if someone stands behind me and lies down and puts their face close to the floor, then they might be able to see a little bit of my leg by looking inside the leg holes, would that invalidate my prayer? Similarly, when.. More

  • Praying in trousers that have holes in them Date: 30-6-2016

    I have some trousers that are designed in such a way that they have holes in them. Apparaently, one cannot notice them. Even I can only notice them when I closely look at them. Is my prayer valid? .. More

  • Her husband stays naked in front of mother or sisters Date: 28-4-2016

    Can my husband go to his mothers home and stay naked in front of his mother and his own sisters? Please give me the answer according to the sharia? .. More

  • Little uncovered hair does not invalidate woman's prayer Date: 29-3-2016

    I have a special hijab that I wear when I pray. Sometimes my hair in the back pokes out through the fabric, not full length hair strands but almost like half a cm of hair. I do not think that you can see it unless if you watch closely. I wonder whether my prayers are invalid when this happens. If they are invalid, do I have to make up for all my prayers?.. More

  • Praying in shorts that do not cover knees in Rukoo’ Date: 10-3-2016

    A family member of mine has a question about the permissibility of something in regards to the gathering for prayer. He is aware of the difference between 'izar' and ʻAwrah (body parts that must be concealed as per the sharia), but he wants to know if it is permissible to pray in recreational shorts that cover the ʻAwrahwhen standing but pull.. More

  • Being naked while alone Date: 19-1-2016

    I understand by your fatwa no. 87404 that sleeping naked is permissible in Islam as long as no one would see me, but is it permissible to be nude when alone and ensuring that no one would see me? By that, I mean taking off your clothes when alone and doing everything naked for the comfort of it? Is it haram? .. More

  • Ruling on women wearing trousers when praying Date: 30-8-2015

    Is it obligatory for a Muslim woman to wear a skirt over her trousers when performing prayer? What should she do if she is outdoors? Does she perform prayer without the skirt or should she carry one with her? .. More