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  • Prays in Room in Front of a Girl Date: 21-9-2022

    My question is, can my female teacher give personal sessions to help with my school work, what about if a female teacher comes in to my class and wants to collect me for whatever educational reason takes me out of my class and into another room am I sinful and finally I pray at my school (it is not an islamic school) but sometimes it’s nearly time.. More

  • The Prayer of One who Looks at People’s Reflection in the Mirror Date: 1-9-2022

    if someone is looking back when performing solah through the glass in his front .. More

  • How to Hold the Mus'haf when Reciting from It in Prayer Date: 21-10-2021

    As-salamu alaykum brothers and sisters who are answering this. I have a question regarding praying with the Quran In hand. I know it’s not permissible to pray with the Quran in hand during fard salat but I would like to pray at least 2 rakaat of sunnah salat that are extra long every day. I however don’t memorize but a few Surat of the Quran. I’m.. More

  • Women Following the Imam When Separated by a Wide Road Date: 26-2-2019

    Question 1: The mens masjid is opposite the womens musalla by a road approximately 12 metres wide.There is full speaker connection between the two buildings. Is the salah of the women accepted if they follow the Imam even if the mens hall is not completely full?Question 2.What if the distance of 12 metres gap is increased to 24 metres. Is the women's.. More

  • Dispute About The Place of Prayer Date: 20-1-2019

    As Salam Alae kumI have a question and I want Islamic view on thisOne gentleman purchased 2 flats but the flats were in the name of 2 individuals who were part of a trust. He wanted them to prepare this place for offering salah for muslims of all sect and may be this was the reason why he did not purchase the flat in the name of the trust. In this part.. More

  • Pillars, Waajibaat and Sunan of The Prayer Date: 1-1-2019

    Assalamualaikum warahmatullahe wabarakatahuMy question is that if we left any rukn in namaj like forgot to rafulyadain in some place, forgot to sit after 2nd rekah,forgot to recite some dua and at last we do sajda e sahu 2 prostration will my salah be valid or not? .. More

  • What Marks the Beginning of the ‘Ishaa’ prayer? Date: 6-8-2018

    Salaam ‘Alaykum. Is the disappearance of the red afterglow/twilight (i.e the time for the end of maghrib and beginning of ‘ishaa’) in exact accordance with the end time of nautical twilight or are they two different things (i.e. is the disappearance of the red afterglow/twilight and nautical twilight the same thing or two different things)?Jazaakum-Alla.. More

  • Intention in Making up for a Missed Prayer and Selling Alcohol-Containing Medicines Date: 15-1-2018

    A)I know for an act of worship to be valid, one must have the right intention. My problem is I've missed salah for many years and I am now making all of them up so my Intention is "I am making up my first fajr prayer" however I got confused on one of the days and said "I am making up my ninth Fajr prayer" etc when it reality it was the 10th I was making.. More

  • Ruling on prayers offered in a state of complete absentmindedness Date: 7-5-2013

    I suffer greatly from daydreaming to the extent that I am always absentminded and never stop thinking. Therefore, sometimes I finish my prayers whereas I am not conscious of it at all. Do I have to make up my prayer whether the obligatory or the voluntary ones?.. More

  • Isti’aathah and Al-Basmalah before reciting Chapter Al-Faatihah in prayer Date: 30-11-2011

    Salaam Alaikum dear Imam, During obligatory prayer we get very abbreviated time for reciting Surah Al-Faatihah in the last two rakah of Dhuhr, Asr, Isha and one rakah in Maghrib and frequently we are unable to complete its recitation , so due to this shortness, can it be permissible for one to skip saying "Aouzubilla minash shaitaanir rajeem" and “Bismillaa.. More

  • Length of shadow when the time of 'Asr begins Date: 26-7-2006

    I want to ask about the timing of asr cos i came acroos some brothers in Nigeria, saying that, the timin of asr is determined by the one onf the noon time(forbiden time) cos, there will be no shadow during tat time, but here in our state in Nigeria there is wat we called residual shadow durin tat time, so they determine asr by adding the shadow of residual.. More

  • Obligatory prayer while riding a horse Date: 30-11-2005

    How to pray on the horse whereby we enter the horse competition that start at night and finish on the morning? .. More

  • Objects used as a Sutra Date: 12-7-2005

    What things can be used as "Sutra" while there isn't any wall/pillar or any other object in front of us? .. More