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  • Using money collected to build a mosque for tsunami victims Date: 14-2-2005

    We have gathered money for mosque building in Japan, and because of tsunami disaster we ask if it is possible to assign that money to help people in Indonesia?.. More

  • Raising funds for a Masjid Date: 19-10-2004

    We have a Masjid in the suburbs of New York, and is about to be complete, Al-hamdu Lillaah. My question is in order to raise funds for the Masjidcommittee holds fundraising event in a place where men and women mix. First is that money Halaal to build the house of Allaah (since collecting it involved Maasiah)? Second, is it wrong to attend.. More

  • Using government lottery money to build a mosque in England Date: 16-6-2003

    We are planning to establish an Islamic Centre/Mosque, in a small city in England. Can we use lottery money that is given to us by the government? Is it Halal to use lottery money to build a mosque?.. More

  • Building a mosque with Riba Date: 27-11-2002

    Is it permissible in Islam to built a mosque with Riba (money you take from the bank with interest)? .. More

  • Donations to build mosque Date: 6-10-2002

    Can a Muslim association ask for donations to build a mosque?.. More

  • Muslim alone no mosque Date: 1-7-2001

    What can a Muslim do if there is no mosque nor Muslims around?.. More

  • Praying in mosque built with money from questionable sources Date: 9-5-2001

    I pray in a mosque called Alkhalil mosque in Adelaide Australia. This mosque is very big and new, build by Palestinian Muslim. I personally do not know the person who built the mosque but I heard that he trades with cigarettes and deals with interest (Riba). Some Muslims even accuses him of building this mosque with money of (Riba). I know he lives.. More

  • Using money donated by non-Muslims to build mosque Date: 21-11-2000

    We live in Kyushu area, Japan, where there one no mosques. We started to collect money for building a mosque. Can we use money donated by non-Muslims to build the mosque?.. More

  • Making Mosque in Christian Church with grave yard Date: 18-8-1999

    We are a group of Muslim families in a small town in UK. We are looking for a place to use as mosque. The only place we found is small church, but it is a in the middle of a cemetry ( a Christian Graveyard ). Can we use it as a mosque ?.. More