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  • Travelling married couple staying together in the mosque at night Date: 25-3-2001

    Is it permissable for a man and wife to stay together inside the mosque at night. If they are travellers?.. More

  • Eating in mosque Date: 28-2-2001

    Is there any evidence that states we shouldn`t eat in the mosque?.. More

  • Praying in place used by all religions Date: 7-2-2001

    We have here in the university a silence room (all persons Muslims and non-Muslims, Christians or even Hindus) go there to pray. It has a lot of symbols and pictures in it. Most of Muslims didn't like to use it at all. Turkish Muslims accepted that in the past . Now, the university has a larger numbers of Muslims. The international office suggested.. More

  • Praying in a mosque containing a grave in its Qiblah Date: 24-2-2000

    We live in a village that has only one mosque and this mosque contains a grave in its "Qiblah." What is the "hukum sharei" for praying in this mosque? .. More

  • Non-Muslim tourists visiting mosques Date: 17-10-1999

    I'm working in a travel agency. Sometimes we have some non-Muslim tourists who want to visit mosques. Are they allowed to enter mosques or not?.. More

  • Non-Muslims entering a Mosque Date: 19-8-1999

    We have an islamic center in Napoli and we do - for da'wa - lessons for non-Muslim boys and girls, but some brothers do not agree because, they say, that the non-Muslims can't enter in to a mosque. But to explain Islam to non-Muslims the mosque is the best place. Please explain us the rules about that. If you can answer also in Arabic with a graphic.. More