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  • Talking with people in the mosque about worldly matters Date: 13-2-2006

    Is it allowed talk with someone in the Masjid I heard it is the sign of the Day of Judgment that people will talk in the Masjid so is it allowed? .. More

  • Forbidding someone who insults people from entering the mosque Date: 25-12-2005

    If a person raises his voice, uses inappropriate words, and sometimes insults people every time he is in the Masjid, is it right to stop him from entering the Masjid? .. More

  • Taking a child to the mosque and giving him a toy to play with Date: 20-11-2005

    Can I bring a toy for my son to play while I am praying to the Masjid? .. More

  • Using the mosque's loud speakers during lectures Date: 19-10-2005

    I am a devout Muslim (Allaah Knows best) living in a cosmopolitan society. In this society we are over 50% Muslim. Al-hamdulillah no mosque in our town is more than a kilometer apart. The sound of 'Athaan and recitation of the Quran (during Salat) over amplifiers is music to me. Occasionally my non-Muslim neighbours and friends have commented to.. More

  • A church being made into a mosque Date: 22-6-2005

    Is there any Hadeeth about a church being made into a mosque? Can we pray in that mosque? .. More

  • Islamic calligraphy inside and outside the mosque Date: 2-6-2005

    The committee in our Masjid in New York is thinking of having Islamic calligraphy of Quranic Ayah engraved inside as well as outside of Masjid (all around building). What is the Islamic ruling on this act? I mean isn't one of the Al-Saa'h decorating the Masjid? Please provide any Ayah or Hadeeth if any. .. More

  • Disputing about the permissibility of having tombs above graves Date: 11-4-2005

    I would you to give an answer to a fact. When I go to my native place (India), I see places where huge tombs have been created on top of graves of pious persons and a lot of Kufr is practices in these places. I know that to build cemented graves and to strengthen the graves is Haraam and against the Sunnah, but when I quote the Hadeeth regarding.. More

  • Praying in a mosque where there is a tomb Date: 10-4-2005

    In the mosque compound there is a tomb (one grave builded with a cement bricks two feet high) but not inside prayer area, its located in the complex of the mosque. Please give Fatwa if permissible to make prayers (all Ibaadah) in this mosque? .. More

  • Non-Muslims visiting and praying in the mosque on Friday Date: 24-3-2005

    Is it Haram for a non-Muslim to enter the mosque? We had a situation where two non-Muslims came to listen to Friday Khutba. When it was time for prayer they got up and prayed with us (they went through the motions). Is that ok? I heard The Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, used to meet with non-Muslims in his Mosque in Medina. Please.. More

  • Refusal to open mosque for 5 daily prayers Date: 24-3-2005

    I would like to know the rules in regards to a request by a brother to have the mosque opened for five times Salah and he was refused by the Imaam. .. More

  • Decorating the Masjid for 'Eed Date: 18-1-2005

    What is the ruling on decorating the Masjid for 'Eed? We would like to show some excitement in our 'Eed, to show our children that we too (Muslims) celebrate great holidays. Since a lot of our activities and events are held in our Masjid, what is permitted to do in the Masjid to show our 'Eed is a celebration. Please respond quickly, because.. More

  • Expelling children from the mosque in South Africa Date: 5-9-2004

    I am a student at university studying engineering .I am a revert to Islaam. My coming to Islaam was on the basis of the love and mercy I read about. The affection that the prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, showed towards the children, Hassan, Husayn. The kindness and the fact that he instilled in them great confidence in South Africa.. More

  • Non-Muslims entering mosques Date: 5-7-2004

    Is it permissible for non Muslims - male or female to enter mosques in order to see it or learn about Islam?.. More

  • Allowing a Christian to pray in the line with Muslims Date: 21-6-2004

    At an interfaith gathering at the mosque is it haram or halal to allow a Christian brother to stand in the prayer line with the Muslim brothers and attempt to do the motions?.. More

  • Fighting a Muslim in the mosque Date: 24-4-2004

    What is the ruling on fighting a Muslim brother in the Masjid?.. More