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  • Missing Takbeers at beginning of 'Eed prayer Date: 12-7-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu, Shaykhs. If I miss one or a few Takbeers (saying: Allahu Akbar) at the beginning of the Eid prayer, am I required to do something? May Allah reward you. .. More

  • Meaning and Significance of The Two 'Eeds in Islam Date: 24-8-2015

    Why are 'Eed Al-Fitr and 'Eed Al-Adhha legislated in Islam? .. More

  • Why the ‘Eed Khutbah is after the prayer Date: 1-5-2015

    why does the khutbah during eid prayers are done after the prayers while in jumaah prayers are done before the prayer .. More

  • Perform ‘Eed prayer on a piece of land that could be usurped Date: 1-12-2014

    Assalamualaykum. Is it admissible to observe Namaz Eid at govt stadium playground. As the land was taken by govt. from local awqaf body on conditional bases, buttill date none of conditions were fulfiled. .. More

  • Offering 'Eed prayer in government land without permission Date: 23-1-2013

    some part of the iddgah(where idul fitre performed) has unauthorised(govt. land and permissions had not taken to make permanent boundary or made avaible for prayer).in this situation can we perform the wajib salah idul fitre and iduzzuha.give the details in the light of hadith and quran. .. More

  • Praying ‘Eed twice in two different countries Date: 30-10-2011

    As Salam Alaikum Shaikh, I am working in Qatar, I planned to go for Eid - Al-Adha next month to India. My question is I am going on Eid day here in Qatar. If I offered Eid prayer here and went to India next (Eid day in India) should I have to offer the Eid prayer there also. Please answer my question urgently. JAZAK ALLAH HU KAIR... More

  • A woman performing ‘Eed prayer at home Date: 11-2-2009

    assalam wa allykum, is it allowed for women to pray eid prayer (both eids) at home if she cannot go out? may Allah reward you... More

  • An Imaam forgetting the additional Takbeers in `Eed prayer Date: 4-1-2009

    If Imam forgets Extra ( Wajib ) Takbeers in Eid prayers, Is Eid prayer is done ok or we have to repeat it?.. More

  • The method of saying Takbeer in ‘Eed prayer Date: 3-3-2008

    The Eid Prayers where we have Seven Takbir in the First Rakah and Five Takbir in the Second Rakah, how should we make these Takbirs. And I do hear from some Imams that the Takbirs in Eid Prayers were as a result of the Death of the Prophet Son, Qasim, how true is this?.. More

  • Attending the 'Eed Khutbah is recommended Date: 11-2-2007

    Is it obligatory to listen to khatba of eid prayer?.. More

  • How to recite Eid Takbir Date: 12-2-2004

    I am an Imam. I would like you to help me with Ahadith on how to recite Eid Takbir... More

  • Raising hands during Eid prayer Date: 26-2-2003

    As regards raising hands with every Takbeer in Eid prayer, I read from "the book of fasting" of Mohd. Iqbal Kailani the following Hadith: "Waael bin Hujr(R.A) relates that he saw the Messenger of Allah SAWS raising his hands with ever Takbir" (Transmitted by Ahmed).In the above Hadith it is not clear whether Wail bin Hujr(R.A.) saw Prophet Mohammad.. More

  • Muslim workers denied right to pray Eid-ul Adha Date: 27-5-2001

    What do you say about the Muslim workers not being allowed to pray for Eid-ul Adha in Golf Club. However, they resisted their manager for one hour to pray the Eid-ul Adha, even then he did not allow them to pray. Lastly they, i.e. workers, decided themselves to go for prayer of Eid-ul Adha by taking the firm decision that if the golf club authority.. More