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  • Improvement of the state of the poor before receiving Zakah Date: 15-5-2013

    There is a family that needed the money of Zakaah but before the money reached it, its state had improved. Is it lawful for this family to use the money that reached it late?.. More

  • He gave charity to someone but the latter did not accept it Date: 15-5-2013

    My brotherin-law suffered a financial crisis three years ago so I sent him a sum of money. I do not remember whether this sum was from Zakaah or charity at that time. Now, he wants to return this money and he insists on this. I do not know why he is so insistent as he left this money for me with a friend after I refused to take it from him. Now, I need.. More

  • Giving Zakah to one's son to cover marriage expenses Date: 12-5-2013

    My son went to a European country to complete his studies there. He did not have enough money to cover his expenses, so I gave him what he needed. A year later, he could not stand living without marriage, so I bore the huge costs of his marriage. Is it permissible for me to regard the amount I paid for his marriage as part of my Zakaah? .. More

  • Giving Zakah to orphan children of different religions Date: 16-3-2013

    salam, Is it permissible to donate zakat money to organization whch takes of orphan children of different religions? .. More

  • Charity is forbidden to Muhammad and his family for glorious wisdom Date: 23-12-2012

    Why did the Messenger of Allaah, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, forbid charity to his household, i.e. his family and relatives? In other words, why was Zakaah made unlawful for them?.. More

  • Ruling on giving Zakah to an independent son Date: 20-12-2012

    I have a son who works as a teacher and lives independently from me. He supports a small child and his income does not suffice him. He possesses an apartment which has accumulated unpaid installments, and, thus, is threatened to be evicted. Is it permissible for me to pay them on his behalf from the money of Zakaah that is due on me?.. More

  • Limit of wealth that makes one ineligible for Zakah Date: 19-12-2012

    As-Salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaah What is the limit of wealth which makes one ineligible to receive Zakaah? Kindly provide the details of this issue, and mention the different opinions of the scholars, their proofs, and why they differ in this respect, and the preponderant opinion... More

  • Giving Zakah to rich seeker of knowledge Date: 11-4-2011

    A person is a man of resources. His daughter is studying abroad. He requested for financial assistance for the education of his daughter even from the Zakat fund. His opinion is that a student (whereever he/she is studying) is entitled for Zakat even his/her father is finacially capable of meeting the expneses and is "Ghani"... More

  • Giving the servant his salary from Zakah Date: 24-1-2011

    assalamoalaikum, my que is that can we gv zakat as salary to servernt ? or i shd gve extra money as zakat bcz my mum gve them pay n cn she do neeyat of zakat pls ans sm one has told me u cn gv them zakat guide me .. More

  • Receiving Zakah as education fees for a child Date: 20-5-2009

    Ass salaam alykum,I want to put my child in an islamic school which gives both modern & islamic education including q'uran hafeza but the problem is this school is charging a very high fees approx 300 us$ per month,some how when we ask for concession they say you pay according to your ablity rest we will fulfill by zakah which they are getting from.. More

  • Making a trick to pay Zakah to parents who are not poor Date: 19-3-2009

    Salam 3alaykom 3eebad ALLAH, My friend wants to give zakah to her mother and father, i told her its not allowed in islam because its a duty on you to help them, she said what if i give my aunt and indirectly she will give my parents (her aunt is poor and in need), i told her dont be like the jews who try to out smart RUBB al 3alameen, whom are u being.. More

  • Wants to pay his due Zakah to people who lost money because of him Date: 5-12-2007

    Salam I am in debt because the loan I took, and also I feel Im I must pay some people, because of my recommendations they lost money with my frriend who cheated them and me also. I also have saving money on which I am paying zakat. I am very confused whether I am doing the right thing by paying zakat or should I settle my loan and compensate those.. More

  • Giving Zakat to somebody to buy a house Date: 11-11-2007

    Assalamu Alaikum ! I am Kaleelurrahman From Tirupur, I pleased to clear my question about ZAKATH. My cusin brother is working in a company and get Rs.5000/- per month, but he should pay atleast 3000/- for his house rent.and balance 2000/- is not enough for run his family. Now he got 3 lacs from his family property,If Igive him 125000 more he can get.. More

  • Donating money to non-Muslim foundations Date: 21-12-2005

    Can I use my Zakaat Al-mal for the purpose of sponsoring an orphan from Islamic country? Also, is it ok to donate money to non-Muslim foundations to treat kids illnesses here in the states? .. More

  • Giving Zakah to a poor Muslim who does not pray Date: 12-5-2005

    Can I give Zakaah to one who is quite poor but, not mindful to his religion and even does not pray the obligatory 5 times of Salah daily? He is, however, a Muslim having belief in Allaah and His Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, along with other requisite factors required to become Muslim. Await guidance... More