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  • Giving Zakaah to Poor Brothers and Sisters Date: 26-2-2001

    I knew that it is not permissible to pay Zakat al mal for parents. But, in my case my parents have my youngs "2 sisters and a brother", all students in the University. Also, I have other 2 married sisters and all of them are poor. Can I pay Zakat el mal to my brother and sisters who are living with my parents and to the other married sisters? Note:.. More

  • Zakah to sister Date: 14-12-2000

    Can a person give Zakah to his sister? To whom can Zakah and Fitra be given?.. More

  • Paying Zakah to Sayyeds (Prophet's descendants) Date: 14-1-2000

    We wish to clarify a matter about Zakat. Many people are of the opinion that one cannot and should not give Zakat to Sayyeds (whose ancestry goes back to Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] ). Is there any reference to this in the Quran or in Hadeeth? If one refers to Surah Anfal (8th surah) verse 41, about booty gained from the Battle of Badr and its distribution,.. More