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  • Anal intercourse during Ramadan daytime necessitates strict major expiation Date: 15-6-2014

    A man had anal sexual intercourse with his wife during daytime in Ramadan. What is the relevant sharia ruling?.. More

  • Travelling and sexual intercourse Date: 15-6-2014

    I work as a civil pilot. In Ramadan, I sent my wife to visit her relatives in another city. On one of my flights, I intended to break my fast, but I did not eat anything. After my arrival, I headed toward the home where my wife stayed and had sexual intercourse with her. I believed that there would be no problem because I was on a journey. Could you.. More

  • He had intercourse with his wife thinking that it is the day of ‘Eed Date: 24-6-2013

    In Qatar, we are used to breaking our fast after Ramadan with Saudi Arabia. However, there was one year in which Saudi Arabia declared ‘Eed and I thought that Qatar would also declare it and it is simply a matter of time. I slept without making the intention to fast, woke up at dawn and had intercourse with my wife. Then, I discovered that the people.. More

  • Ruling on foreplay during a make up fast Date: 23-6-2013

    Is it permissible for a wife to have foreplay with her husband in the case of a make up fast if he requests it from her?.. More

  • Had intercourse thinking that it was not dawn yet Date: 24-7-2012

    We had intercourse and the call for Al-Fajr prayer was made but we did not realize it until five minutes after the Athaan. Is our fasting invalidated?.. More

  • Benefits of abstention from sex while fasting Date: 23-7-2012

    Why is sexual intercourse prohibited during the daytime of Ramadhaan?.. More

  • Traveler commits adultery during the daytime of Ramadan Date: 22-7-2012

    Someone traveled a long distance for more than 12 hours in the last days of Ramadhaan (28-30). Upon arrival at his destination, he did not know whether it was the last day of fasting or the day of ‘Eed (feast). Meanwhile, he committed adultery and then realized that it was during the daytime of Ramadhaan. Later, he came to know that he had missed.. More

  • Had sex with wife before traveling in Ramadan Date: 22-7-2012

    I decided to travel in Ramadhaan and intended not to fast on that day. As I was sick at the time, on the morning of that day I took the medicine that the doctor prescribed for me and had sex with my wife moments before traveling. What is the Sharee‘ah ruling, taking into consideration that I indeed traveled on that day? Is there a Kaffaarah.. More

  • Her husband insists on kissing her while she is making up fast Date: 3-2-2010

    salam aleikum. i have some questions. in ramadan i was almost 8 months pregnant and it was hard for me to fast because of this. for this i have only fast the last 10 days of ramadan and now after my child is born and my 40 days of bleeding has finnished i have start to fast the days what i have missed. my problem is that the night before i fast i say.. More

  • Sexual intercourse after hearing the Athaan of Maghrib but before sunset Date: 16-9-2009

    What is the expiation for having sexual intercourse deliberately thinking that time of breaking the fast was due after hearing the Athaan of Maghrib from a remote Masjid (Mosque)?.. More

  • Suspecting having sexual intercourse while fasting Date: 15-9-2009

    A man had sexual intercourse with his wife during the daytime in Ramadhaan. Nevertheless, when he woke up, he said that he knew and remembered nothing about this. His wife, however, had the feeling that they had done so. What is the Sharee‘ah ruling on this? .. More

  • Does masturbating forgetfully invalidate fasting? Date: 13-9-2009

    One day during this Ramadhaan, I awoke and had my Sahoor (pre-dawn meal) before Fajr. After that, moved by sexual desire, I took hold of my male organ and began to rub it. As I was doing this, the Athaan ofFajr was pronounced of which I took no heed although I heard it. It was after the ejaculation had occurred that I realized that the Athaan of Fajr.. More

  • The ruling on the woman forced to have sexual intercourse during the day of Ramadan Date: 10-8-2009

    Last Ramadhaan, I was raped by a work colleague and the sanctity of this day was violated despite my best efforts. So, am I required to offer expiation or just make up for this day? Please advise... More

  • Guilty about masturbating during Ramadan Date: 13-12-2004

    I converted at the beginning of Ramadhaan so I am very new to Islam, however I am doing worse in Ramadhaan then before. I have ruined my fast by masturbating three times on three different days during the time of the fast. I am so guilty and angry with myself, I do not know what to do. I hate myself for this and feel no matter what I do,.. More

  • Conducted foreplay almost to point of ejaculation while fasting Date: 9-12-2004

    During fasting I had desire to have sexual intercourse. My wife and I are fasting so I foreplay until so much discharge oozes out from my wife's vagina. From my penis a clear fluid came out. But I did not put in my penis into the vagina; we just hugged each other and so on. There was no ejaculation also. Is my fast valid and please explain whether.. More