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  • Istisnaa' Contracts Date: 23-12-2018

    Assalamualaikum, syaikh please give me an explanation. I ordered a type 36 house with a developer with payment of credit.At the beginning of the ba'i isthisna , I think that the ba'i isthisna without any cash in front is legalized. At the time of house building process reaching 50%, I started to be in doubt of the legalization of the isthisna agreement... More

  • Lawful alternatives to selling items not yet in possession Date: 30-4-2015

    bismillah alrahman alrahimi'm sorry that the question is a little long but i asked everywhere and no answer yet and i really would not want to get haram money . i live in the middle east and i want to open an internet shop that sells Products i don't have .when the Customer buys a product . i take the money (((i'll make sure not to use the money till.. More

  • Valid period under Sharee'ah for down payment Date: 30-1-2014

    What is the valid period under sharia for a down payment?.. More

  • The istisnaa’ contract is permissible when two conditions are fulfilled Date: 30-1-2014

    I want to buy a shared ownership apartment in a building and pay in installments. The first installment is to be paid before starting the construction work. The beneficiaries' installments are collected first in order to start this project. As such, the installments are paid according to the three stages of construction, noting that the state contributes.. More

  • Ruling on selling a commodity not yet received Date: 30-1-2014

    Some banks offer metals, such as iron or copper, to be sold in installments to their clients. They give the client the choice to sell either through the bank or the client receives the metal and sells it in whatever way he likes. Is this permissible? Thank you. .. More

  • Conditions of As-Salam sale Date: 9-1-2014

    Dear Shaykh, please explain the following: a condition of As-Salam (advance payment sale) is that it has a definite description. What does this mean? .. More

  • Ruling on buying grain before it is harvested Date: 26-12-2013

    Asselamualeykum wr wb. Is that Ok if some one gives money at somewhat lower price than at the market price, to collect the grain in the future , because the farmers need this money to collect their harvest?. And can one keep up this product and sell it when it becomes expensive?? .. More

  • Receiving advanced payment on non-stock goods Date: 22-12-2013

    Asw as a auto spares trader and due to the multitude of available parts, potential customers enquire about items which are not in stock. Is it permissible to obtain prices and establish availability from suppliers, mark up and offer for sale to customers, then if they want to buy they must pay for goods which are then ordered and delivered to customers.. More

  • Condition of the Istisnaa'a contract Date: 10-6-2013

    Question : Assalamu Alaicom. I have bought a low-cost house & lot payable for 8 years on a monthly installment basis, the design and sized has been determined,but this house will be constructed 1 year before completing the payment (which means 7 years has been paid), however, the construction will be extended equal to the total of the months I may.. More

  • Salam sale contract: definition, conditions and rulings Date: 19-7-2011

    What is definition of the Salam sale contract, its conditions, and rulings?.. More

  • Lent a sum of money to a farmer who will give him an amount of his product Date: 5-12-2007

    A businessman lend a money to farmer, example 1000, the farmer must pay it 4 sacks out of his products. Is this allowed in Islam. Another is that I have a small rice mill, for 2 months my gross income from this rice mill is about 20,000.00 (this includes fuel and the operators share), and my net income after diducting fuel operators cost is only 12,000.00.. More

  • Selling property before its completion Date: 7-3-2005

    Please can you explain whether it is permissible or not to sell something that is not in your possession, for example: you want to buy a house which is not yet built, and pay lets say 30% of the agreed value? Before that property is complete and before you pay any more money towards it (you can optionally pay more before completion but must.. More