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  • Wants to stay single to marry the man whom she loves in Paradise Date: 1-3-2010

    i read in an article that the last husband of a wife in this world would be her husband in the next world also, if that man is a good one. so if i want to be someones husband in the next world, and if i cannot marry him in this world, can i stay single in this world, praying that he would be my husband in the next world. i have full faith that i can.. More

  • Wants to marry in secret to protect himself from Zina Date: 21-2-2010

    assalam i m 19 of age. a hindu girl was my freind in my school 3 years ago.(may allah forgive me) She then migrated to other city and me to other(600 km apart)but still remained in contact on nov 2008 allah blessed her with islam. she still remained in my contact and i went to her city to give her some books. but i met her alone and even touched.. More

  • Reluctant to marry again because of her previous failed marriages Date: 20-10-2009

    Salam aleikum, There is this sister who is a revert and made hijra to an Islamic country by herself, her being the only Muslimah in her family. She is so overly positive that she thinks that all Muslims are honest and sincere, and so people take advantage of her all the time. She has been married three times and every time the husband took advantage.. More

  • Her maternal grandfather denies her the right to marry Date: 14-10-2009

    Assalaamu Alaykum I kindly ask your advice on the matter below. My mother was murdered by my father when I was a child and my maternal grandparents raised me. I have no relationship with my father or his family. I was married and had children and was divorced after 8 years after my husband physically and emotionally abused me. I am divorced for.. More

  • Effects of late marriage Date: 3-3-2009

    effect of late marriage, islamic and medical perspective[s].. More

  • Hugs a pillow when he misses his fiancée Date: 2-3-2009

    Asalamwalaikum Shiekh. I am engaged and its been a year times i miss my fiancee a lot , and i mean a lot ... at time i feel miserable and i get feelings and i m not able to figure out what to do .. i hug my pillow tight and go on huggin it .. i feel load on chest and on my body .. i feel like lettin it out .. i told a friend about.. More

  • Early marriage for girls Date: 8-1-2009

    Assalamu Aalikum. If girls get married at a very younge age( between age 6 and 16 for example), it might be harmful for her in various ways. She might end up getting pregnant while her own body is developing. She might not be able to finish her studies to attain a qualification, so that she can survive if Allah forbids something happens to her Husband... More

  • Her father refuses to marry her off to a good man due to his nationality Date: 13-2-2008

    Assalamualaikum,Dear brother ,my questions are as fallows. 1.I have a proposal from a man who is very good,pious and i know him very well,he also talked to my dad many times,but my dad is refusing coz he is of different nationality,so is it ok if i dont put efforts to convince my dad and just keep quite without doing any and i leave every thing on allah,?.. More

  • Wants to get married while in college Date: 5-9-2007

    Asslamualaikum... I am a student of 24 years old. I wish to marry to keep away from haraam. My father is financially sound. It takes around 4 years to complete my studies and get into a good job, by then i will be 28 years old. Is there any provision to marry a girl for a student like me?.. More

  • His parents refuse his plans to marry and stay in India Date: 12-9-2006

    assalamualikum, i am 26 years of age , i want to marry as early as possible, but my parents dont agree this ,they said to me first you arrange money for living expences , ok now i am work in qater , but after one year insha allah i will go india and marry ,only one month leave is available one month after iwll return alone, my wife in india ,again.. More

  • Consummating marriage in Ramadan Date: 14-6-2006

    Thanks so much for all you are doing. I need to know something urgently. Is it allowed in Islam to have Nikaah in Ramadhaan?.. More

  • Financially unable to marry a second wife but he fears to be tempted Date: 1-4-2006

    I like to marry a second wife but I do not have the money for this. I am married and I have two girls, what should I do as I fear to be tempted [by other women] because my wife is sick?.. More

  • Marrying more than one wife in one day is permissible Date: 1-4-2006

    What is the ruling of signing a marriage contract with two wives in one day, or marrying four women in one day?.. More

  • To spend on the father or to marry? Date: 30-3-2006

    I want to marry, I am a young man and I am working. How would I bring into line between spending on my father and getting ready for marriage?.. More

  • Marriage on Saturday Date: 26-3-2006

    What is the ruling of marrying on Saturday? Is it disliked? .. More