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  • The ruling of the marriage depends on its purpose Date: 23-3-2006

    There is a patient in Germany and he is unable to form a family because of his sickness. He says that he wants to help a girl who is now in an Arab country to reside in Germany, before he dies, through marriage but without consummating the marriage with her. He says he is doing this for Allaah's sake and without any compensation. .. More

  • How is it possible to obtain the age of marriage in western countries? Date: 23-3-2006

    How is it possible to obtain the age of marriage in western countries? .. More

  • Marriage is a means and an objective Date: 22-3-2006

    Is marriage a means for satisfying one's desires and having children or is it an objective?.. More

  • The conditions of the permissibility of an early marriage Date: 21-3-2006

    What is the ruling on marrying early taking into account that I am able and prepared for it? .. More

  • Wants to marry a Christian woman to whom his wife is sexually attracted Date: 4-12-2005

    All praise to Allaah, blessings to the Prophet. Thank you for considering this difficult question. My wife and I are very good friends with one nice lady who is not a Muslim but still a person of the Book. I am trying to understand one thing that has arisen because my wife and I greatly like the idea of accepting her as a second wife, an.. More

  • Her father does not choose a good husband for her Date: 21-11-2005

    Asalaam alaikum wa rahmatuallah wa barakatuh, I would like my question answered with quran and sunnah references. Please try to answer that way and no need to rush cause i need proper guidance. I come from a muslim family. But my family is not that religious. There is music in the house TV showing all haraam programes, non maharaam men visiting.. More

  • A daughter wants to stay unmarried Date: 25-9-2005

    A father is looking for a groom for his daughter but she wants to remain unmarried. What should the father do? If the daughter does not agree to marry even after Naseehah, should the father leave her alone? On the daughter's part is there any sin if she makes such a decision, is it counted as disobedience to parents? And finally, for how long.. More

  • Should he study or get married and where? Date: 16-8-2005

    1) I want to study Islamic studies and I live in America. I can't go overseas for a number of reasons. Are there any Islamic Universities in America or Canada? 2) What comes first Islamic studies or marriage? I really need to get married; however I also want to study Islam. If I get married this might stop me from traveling to learn.. More

  • Aged grandmother is marrying for the third time Date: 15-8-2005

    My Grandmother (65) is going to marry again. This is her 3rd marriage. I felt very bad. Could you please clarify on that matter? .. More

  • She dreams of being with a future husband every night Date: 2-6-2005

    I have a friend who is 19 years-old. She has this problem. I shall explain in detail. She is very religious. She prays all her prayers. She even fasts on Mondays and Thursdays, Maasha' Allaah. But there is this problem with her. Every night she goes to sleep she thinks of her future husband. Mind you she is not yet married and Inshaa Allaah,.. More

  • Strong in sex desire but weak on telling his parents he wants to marry Date: 1-6-2005

    I am 24 years of age and economically strong Al-hamdu lillaah. I feel very strong sexual desire but I am unable to tell it to my parents because of shyness. What does Islamic Fiqh suggest in this matter? One thing is for sure, whatever happens, it has to be according to wish of my parents who are not showing interest in my marriage for the time.. More

  • Her non-practicing Muslim parents encourage her to be disobedient to Allaah Date: 23-5-2005

    I am from Turkey and my parents are non-practicing Muslims, they are against the Hijaab, I have spoken to them but they still disagree and also have taken my Hijaab, what should I do? Also, I have prayed Salatul-Istikhaara for Nikaah, I feel that I am married but my mother said I should only worry about marriage, that it can wait. Should I wait?.. More

  • Family wants to cover daughter's loose behavior by marrying her off, but her mother objects Date: 16-5-2005

    My question is about a marriage that is causing a big problem in a family. A guy has proposed to the father for his daughter's hand in which the father accepted since both the girl and boy are going steady already even against the girl's parents' wish. This is to avoid any more gossip in the community and also they cannot do anything about it.. More

  • Wants to marry but faces problems Date: 10-2-2005

    If I am typing in English but my laptop is not supporting Arabic, any way I’m living in a country with a lot of bad habits, and the life is too expensive in the same time I need to get marry because I can’t take any more. Now the problem is that I don’t have enough money for this step, I’m now planning to get a lone from the bank for this,.. More

  • In love but cannot fulfill it Date: 26-1-2005

    Two years back I had taken a Fatwa from you. That is 85032. In which you had recommended that in Islam women can also propose a man. In my case it is not possible. As I belong to another country and have my responsibilities here. He belongs to another country and he has kids, and other responsibility there. He is also not aware of my feeling.. More