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  • Muslim Men Can Marry Christian Girls But Not Vice-Versa Date: 24-7-2001

    I'd like to ask you why a Christian person can not marry Muslim girl, but Muslim boy can marry Christian girl? I am Muslim living in Malta, and my friends here told me this is not respect, but I do not know how to answer them, so can you help me please as fast as you can, and please try to explain in words not from Qur'an because they are Christian.. More

  • Rights of a Christian Wife Date: 3-6-2001

    I am married to Christian woman, I want to know her rights. .. More

  • Marrying a Non-Muslim Girl He Doesn't Like But She Wants to Become Muslim Date: 15-2-2001

    My friend is a Muslim whose classmate is a Kafir girl she likes him very much and want to marry him and ready to convert to Islam but my friend does not like her what is the rule of Sharia in this matter. If God knows our future and he is able to judge now our future, then what is the use of testing our faith? .. More

  • Destiny of Christian and Jewish Women Married to Muslims Date: 14-2-2001

    The Muslims are allowed to marry Christians and Jew women. Does that mean that Christians and Jews will go to Paradise by following their religion, which is a false religion? .. More

  • Muslim with Christian Wife Who Respects Islam Date: 26-11-2000

    I am married with a Christian woman; we have 4 children together... I am trying my best to teach my children about Islam. They pray with me. My wife doesn't tell them about Christianity and she tells them to make the prayer even if I am not at home...My problem is that a friend told me to leave her, but I won't do this because I am afraid for the future.. More

  • Religion of children born to Muslim-Christian couple Date: 24-5-2000

    I am a Muslim with a Christian wife. What is the Islamic point of view regarding the religion of the our coming kids? Thank you. .. More

  • Marrying foreign girl with different religion Date: 20-1-2000

    Lot of people want to marry, but they can`t find the ideal girl and are forced to marry a foreigner of a differnt religion. What do you think about that?.. More

  • Should wife from people of the Book change her religion to Islam Date: 13-11-1999

    If a Muslim man marries a girl belonging to the people of the book, after marriage can she follow her religion or should she change her religion to Islam? Please answer in light of Quran and Sunnah. .. More

  • Muslim wants to marry Christian woman; families disagree Date: 30-7-1999

    What can you do for a Muslim guy who wants to marry Christian girl who converted to Islam and both of their parents disagree? If you want more information please e-mail me... More