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  • Ruling on a Christian woman marrying a Muslim Man

    Hi I'm a catholic girl and I fell in love with a Muslim man who I work with. I had an ex-boyfriend before I met this Muslim man. I'm still a virgin as I haven't gone to the extent of sex, however, I engaged in oral sex with my ex but that was also before I met the man I'm in love with now. I haven't engaged in any sexual activity for the past 2 years.. More

  • Non-Muslim Man who Has Good Character Wants to Marry Her

    marrying a non muslim mansalam,I have been proposed by a non muslim man. He doesnt practise any religion but has good character . He wants to Live by the will of Allah swt and follow his guidelines but wont take the Sahadah. Could you please answer this question for me? .. More

  • His Friend’s Wife Got Married to a Non-Muslim Man While She Is Still Married to Him

    SalaamOne of my friend's wife did a heinous sin of getting married to a non muslim man secretly using their traditional method without divorcing him in the first place. I am assuming that this marriage is not valid. My friend forgave her and kept her in marriage. However recently they had a fight and he said to her ''You got married to so and so"" or.. More

  • Marrying Christian Girl Amid Temptations

    Assalam-o-alikum, There are many students who go abroad for studies and there they have to stay for many years for their education. Mostly the countries are european or other western countries and it's very common in such countries to have girlfriends, boyfriends and such relations go till the last extent (sex). When you are living in such environment.. More

  • A Muslim Woman Married a Non-Muslim and Had a Son

    married a Christian having a son 11yrs old. he does everything for us but rejecting islam, quran etc., without knowledge I married and Allah showed me rightpath I wanted to be till I die and make son and him in the same path. We talked about quran and bible. finally end with some arguments or just close the chapter. I wanted to go my country son is.. More

  • Marrying Women of the People of the Book and Not Taking Them as Allies; No Contradiction

    Why are Muslims allowed to marry from among the People of the Book if we are not allowed to be friends with them? Is this not a contradiction? Or is the prohibition of befriending Christians and Jews only confined to times of war? .. More

  • Mother helped daughter marry non-Muslim man

    Our mother, who lives in another city with our sister, without informing us of her intention and in connivance with one of our female cousins and her husband got our sister married to a non-Muslim boy of her choice. We do not know whether the boy has embraced Islam and whether the wedding was solemnized in Islamic way. While we have broken all relations.. More

  • Family boycotting man who married non-Muslim girl

    Assalaamu alaykum. A Muslim boy married a Non-muslim girl who did not accept Islam. The boy's family arranged for the wedding and the wedding feast. Some family members objected and abandoned their relationship with all those who attended these. We request a guidance in the light of the Quran and the Sunnah. Is it right to end the relationship with.. More

  • Wants to convince non-Muslim girl of Islam to marry her

    There is this girl I really like, and I want her to convert to Islam so that I can marry her. She is currently Christian and does not tell me the reason why she is not converting to Islam. I would like to ask you for your suggestions as to what I should tell her to make her convert? I would also like to know which is worse, the one who knows that Islam.. More

  • Muslim girl wants to marry Sikh boy

    Assalaamu alaykum. A 19-year-old Melbourne girl is in love with a Sikh boy. Everyone forbade her this, but she does not want to hear anything. Now her parents talked to that boy, and he said, “That is OK. I will embrace Islam just for the wedding; after that we will go to India, and then we will marry according to the Sikh religion and my kids will.. More

  • Doubting whether husband was Muslim or not at time of marriage

    I am a Muslim woman born in a Muslim family. I live in france. Six years ago, I had stopped the prayer during the period before and after my marriage. I got married six years ago to a man who was Buddhist (from a Buddhist family), but he pretended that he wanted to convert or said that he was Muslim (his version changed many times), so I really do not.. More

  • Marrying convert to Islam before her divorce is finalized

    Assalaamu alaykum, respected Scholar. I would like your advice on an issue that I have. I would like to marry a Filipina who converted to Islam in 2011. Her Husband has not converted and took another woman even before she converted to Islam. They have been separated ever since. She is a practicing Muslimah and very devout and loyal to Islam. Now the.. More

  • Status of wife who converts to Islam with regard to husband and children

    I have friends who have been married for 16 years with two children aged 18 and 11. The mother now calls herself Muslim and has abandoned her husband and two children. She has filed for divorce and visits the children sparingly. What does the Quran say about such behavior? Is this lawful. The husband, wife, and children were all Christians up until.. More

  • Muslim man married woman without religion

    I married a Muslim in the Middle East in 2014 in a Sharia court. I had no translator and was very naive, and I was unaware at that time of the rules for Islamic marriages to be valid, i.e. that a Muslim man is only permitted to marry a Christian, Jewish or Muslim woman. (This is correct, I believe?) I am not and have never been Christian, Muslim or.. More

  • Asking Allah's guidance best solution for all problems

    I am a Christian woman. I have always been religious ever since I was a little child. Last year, I met a Muslim man who is married with two kids and has other kids from his previous marriage. From the moment that I saw him for the first time, I fell completelyin love and felt that he was the love of my life and everything I ever wanted. We got married.. More