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  • Wants to marry another wife to solve his financial problems Date: 3-8-2010

    salam alaykum i am a practicing Muslim married to 2 wives and have children with each wife,recently i went trough lots of problems with my second wife and tension with my first wife i also have lots of financial issues and my business is very bad,i been advised to marry again because of a hadith about a man who went to rasool sw and complained about.. More

  • His wife took a promise from him not to contact a woman he wants to marry Date: 7-4-2010

    As-Salam-o-Alaikum, Respected Sir, I would like to discuss with your kindself a personal matter and i am seeking your relegious advise. I am 35 years old and a married person having offspring. About four years back I fallen in love of a noble unmarried lady who wants to get married with me. That was hidden from my wife and since my wife knew it she.. More

  • Jealousy between co-wives is not Shirk Date: 24-3-2010

    Assalamu Alaykom, May Allah reward you & us jannah al ferdaws. I know that jealousy between the spouses is something normal but for the benefits of others pls explain to me if it is SHIRK because a husband forbade his other wife for getting jealous because he said it is shirk. is it so?.. More

  • Her husband threatens to kill her if she refuses his marriage to a second wife Date: 22-3-2010

    I have recently came meet a family who are having problem with their son-in-law. They been married for about 3 years, the family of the girl been supporting them for their rent and etc in a monthly basis. However their problem start it after their son-in-law told them that he wants to get a second wife (he told his wife that he had sex with anther girl.. More

  • Tried to commit suicide because her husband wanted to marry another wife Date: 14-3-2010

    I was married 22 years as a Christian to another Christian when I met a Muslim man on the internet.He convinced me that Islam was the correct path to follow and I truly believe this and reverted to Islam.This man then told me that I could not remain married to a Christian and must divorce,so I did seek a divorce from him.Then this Muslim man asked me.. More

  • His second wife asks him to divorce his first wife Date: 10-2-2010

    Bismillah AlRehman Al Rahim Assalam alaikum wa Rehmatullah wa barkatahu I have 2 wives and both are muslims Alhamdulillah. My 1st wife has no issues concerning my second marriage. My second wife who knows very well that i am married earlier and have kids, she is not ready to allow me to fulfill my obligations towrads my 1st wife. I asked her to fear.. More

  • Her husband's family and first wife are pressuring him to divorce her Date: 17-1-2010

    im 7 months pregnant now and i havent seen or heard from my husband for abt 2 months now i dont knw wht to do anymore. his family never knew tht he married me and when they found out they wanted him to leave me for his other wife and kid tht he has to choose one. they came to my house and told me to take money or give them my baby or take child support.. More

  • Being just to wives who live in different countries Date: 12-1-2010

    My husband and I got married (with our parents consent )because we liked each other very much and thought we could not live without each other. After 8 years of our marriage and two kids my husband complained that I was sleeping or busy with kids due to which I was not attending to his physical needs and stated that due to this he wants.. More

  • His wife is adamant not to let him marry another wife Date: 24-12-2009

    salam,my wife has taken promise me after marriage that i will not marry any 2nd girl and if i marry he will not live with me no more.she often says that Allah has made me unsecure,how is it possible that i feel secure that my husband will not do 2nd this case study mentioned above i told her that do not worry,its permissible in islam,do.. More

  • Her co-wife feels no need to deal with her Date: 14-12-2009

    AS salaamu alaikum, my question is does a muslim (brother or sister) have more rights than a marriage (husband or wife)? My co-wife seems to think her husband has more rights to her than me as her sister in Islam is this true? She feels she really doesnt have to deal with me... More

  • His childless wife will not live with him if he marries another wife Date: 9-12-2009

    assalamualaikum i married 9 yrs ago i dont had child i want 2 marry anotherwomen for children purpose what should i give hissa(property)2 my first wife she is demanding and after getting hissa what so ever (property) my wife is telling 2 me she will not live with me and seperated from me if i give talaq 2 my wife iam fearing she will put a case.. More

  • She feels humiliated that her husband reconciled with his first wife Date: 19-11-2009

    Aslm Alkm.Pls help me .im the 2nd wife of my husband , and he already have a first wife with 3 kids all are grownup. like age 17, 15 and 11.His first wife is not at all a understanding lady past 14 years my husband controlled himself because of 3 kids,they both didnt hav proper sharing of bed also with him, After second marriage there was a very.. More

  • He is ashamed that he sent his second wife to her country Date: 12-11-2009

    i am living with my wfie n adult sons in india.i married an arab woman as my second wife n brought her to india.since the second wife came,my health became very bad.i could not continue life with second wife.therefore i requested her to go back to her country and i gave her settlement first wife is against with my living with second wife.i.. More

  • His father is not just between his two wives Date: 4-11-2009

    I'm a 19 years old,my father is one of reich businessmen in the city,and he has 2 families but he isn't faire in many aspects to my mother and family.He is always biassed as mach as i cann't explaine. Is it haram if I spend money(without his permission) for things that are necssary e.g educational purposes and things that might not be necessary but.. More

  • Her husband blames her for not finding him a second wife Date: 13-7-2009

    Assalaamu ‘alaykum, 1.My husband and I have been married for almost 7yrs but 5 yrs living together. Since then we’ve not be blessed with any child. We live in another country where we both don’t have any family just the two of us. We are very fond of and used to each other. But recently, he intends to marry a 2nd wife with the hope that Allah.. More