598 fatwas

  • Reputable Muslim scholars Date: 18-2-2001

    Is it true that Muhammad Abdul Wahab, Ibn Taymiyyah and their followers were the misguided group (not belonging to the Ahl Sunnah Wal Jama'ah), because many of the scholars, Muslim writer even the mufti in my country said so? .. More

  • Meaning of the name Maariyah Date: 23-12-2000

    Please tell me the meaning of the name Mariya... More

  • Supplications on Friday Date: 21-12-2000

    I read a Hadeeth (in Sahih Muslim) about the hour of acceptance of Du'aas. It says that there is a particular time every Friday (very short period of time) in which whatever the supplicant asks for, it is granted. My question is: what does this Hadeeth exactly mean? How literally is this to be taken? I have started devoting the whole day of Friday every.. More

  • The 15th of Shaaban Date: 13-11-2000

    I would like to know the importance of 15 Shaaban, In Pakistan and India it is a practice of Muslims to visit the graves of the relatives. Kindly quote the Hadith or any reference on the above subject... More

  • History of Al-Aqsa Mosque Date: 4-11-2000

    Who Conquered Al-Aqsa Mosque From Jews And When? .. More

  • First woman to enter Paradise Date: 3-8-2000

    My uncle and I got into a heated argument about something he narrated to me. He had gone to a function and heard the Imam say that the first woman to enter paradise is the Prophet's (S.A.W.) daughter Fatima (R.A.). I disagreed because I have been told that Mary, the mother of Isa (A.S.) will be the first woman in Paradise. Can you tell me of a Hadeeth.. More

  • Number of Prophets and those who are Arabs Date: 18-5-2000

    How many Prophets are there? and how many of them are Arabs ?.. More

  • Al-Khadir Was a Prophet Date: 1-5-2000

    I have heard about al-khadir. Can you tell me who he is and what is his task here? .. More

  • Is Al-Khadir still alive? Date: 1-5-2000

    Is Al-Khadir still alive? Tell me all about him. .. More

  • Ezra and Luqman Date: 27-4-2000


  • Destruction of the tomb of ‘Aa’ishah, may Allaah be pleased with her Date: 13-2-2000

    Assalamu’alaykum, During the sixties the tomb of Ayesha, may Allaah be pleased with her, was demolished. Why?.. More

  • Did Abraham sacrifice Ismail or Isaac? Date: 9-2-2000

    Did Abraham sacrifice Ismail or Isaac? From what I have read in the Quran, it does not clearly state which son was sacrificed. Can you help?.. More

  • Adam and Eve and their children marrying Date: 6-9-1999

    How can we explain that Adam and his wife were the first on earth and that their children married one to another to reproduce. I believe that Adam and Hawwa were sent to earth as any other prophet in a certain population and that God sent a message telling them they were the first human creation in Paradise. wa alaykum Assalam.. More