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  • Working as a Representative in a Gas Production company Date: 23-9-2018

    Salam alaykum shaykh. I have one question.I work in Bosnia as sales representative in company that produce and sale gases. Some of our customers are companies that produce weapons and arm equipment. I do not know for what they use our gases, maybe maintenance of their own equipment or in direct process of production, I do not know in which purpose... More

  • When middleman is entitled to keep difference in price Date: 10-11-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. A seller is selling something online at a price of $100. A buyer can purchase it directly from the seller, but he intentionally involves a middle man. The middleman purchases the same thing at a price of $90 (applying some discount coupon which only middle men have) but sells the product at $100 without telling the buyer that he purchased.. More

  • Misusing power of attorney Date: 18-9-2016

    If you give a power of attorney to someone and the person misuses it and also lies about how it was used, what does the sharia say about that? .. More

  • Employee needs permission to take extra money for his work Date: 17-9-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. One of my friends works in a garment company. Various parties send him bills for money. He presents the bill to the manager for money that needs to be paid to the parties. The manager gives him the amount of money written on the bill. However, my friend convinces the parties and makes them accept an amount lower than what was written.. More

  • Results of invalid authorization and Mudharabah Date: 3-9-2015

    I gave a friend an amount of money to buy a car – knowing that the car would be taken from the state – in his name, and after selling it we would share the profit. For about seven years, it has not come and its type is unknown. Is this gain lawful? .. More

  • Extra money gained by an agent from principal to be returned Date: 3-9-2015

    One of my close acquaintances asked me to look for a piece of land for him to buy. When I found the land I said to him, “It is offered for sale – for example – for 10 riyals, in addition to one riyal as a commission for the people who helped me conclude the transaction.” The man agreed and the transaction was concluded. After a short period.. More

  • Export agent must clarify service fee when quoting price Date: 13-8-2015

    Assalamu Alaikum. I’m doing Export Service business, have office, Export licence account, pay all office expenses ,government taxes and all business expenses . The way I’m doing the business like this .When customer contact me and ask me same particular items ,I check the market provide him samples and send the samples without charge him the freight.. More

  • Impermissible to possess money given by state for infrastructure maintenance Date: 24-8-2014

    A man who used to be a government official in a kafir country that is hostile to islam was given a sum of money from his country in order to maintain some infrastructure in his local village however turmoil and chaos befell his country and so he fled his country with this sum of money. What is the ruling of this money? .. More

  • Authorizing a trustworthy person as guardian for property and children is unobjectionable Date: 30-1-2014

    As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum, My husband owns properties and has issued a power of attorney to his brother, authorizing him to sell and buy without leaving any documents with me that establish our children’s rights. When I discuss this matter with him, he says that his family will give me my rights (when he passes away), but I do not trust this. Is this.. More

  • A travel agent charging clients extra money Date: 21-11-2011

    Assalamalikum My brother is working as a subagent in travel agency. Hes taking more money from his client like if visa fees in travel firm is 40k hes charging 65k it means extra money hes taking from his client. My question is that this money is halal or haram on him? please answer in the light of sunnah. jazakallah khair.. More

  • Appointing an agent for an unknown charge is invalid Date: 19-7-2011

    What is the Sharee'ah ruling on appointing someone as an agent to sell a piece of land in return for a charge; for example, I say to him: if you sell this piece of land for 20,000 dinars, you will take 1,000 dinars; and if you sell it for 21,000 dinars, you will take 1,500 dinars? .. More

  • An agent must abide by what he is deputized to do Date: 12-5-2011

    Friends often ask me "slaughter a sheep on my behalf as Sadaqa and distribute to the neey, I will remit to you thr amount spent" This is because in their countries it is not easy to slaughter a sheep. Can I not get an equal amount (in value) of food and give to the needy? As the needy here may not appreciate meat as much as other forms of food... More

  • His brother does not abide by his conditions to distribute his charity Date: 28-7-2010

    Bismillahi Arrahmani Arrahim. I live in the West and i do not leave with my family. Every month for the last six years i send my families their allowances Alhamdullillah, through my brother to distibute the money to my Father, mother and other family members. But the problem is, always that my brother does not do what i asked him do like give Sadaqah.. More

  • A Muslim managing the finances of his non-Muslim deceased parent Date: 18-1-2010

    is it permissible for a muslim to handle finances of a non muslim deceased parent if there is no one else to do so?.. More

  • An agent charging his fees on a percentage basis Date: 14-1-2010

    How do you see if an institution/person charge its fees by percentage in these three situations. 1. Money Transfer. The companies charge the fee by percentage of the money transferred. 2. Commission which a middle man takes. e.g A property dealer take his fee according to the price of house which will be sold to buyer. e,g 5% of price of house. 3... More