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  • Lectures for ladies in the mosque Date: 28-4-2002

    Is it okay to give lectures for ladies in the mosques? Taking into account that here in Canada, we have difficulties of getting places to hold such lectures or Islamic classes. .. More

  • Women's participation in the election of executive committee of the mosque Date: 24-4-2002

    I live in the US. At the mosque we have an executive committee elected by the people of the community. Can women get involved in these elections? A) As a voter? B) As a candidate?.. More

  • Women praying Janaza prayer Date: 9-5-2001

    Is it possible for women to pray “Janaza Prayer”? Is there any mention in the Qur'an of this? What about in Hajj trip in Makkah? .. More

  • Women praying in Mosque Date: 26-10-2000

    Are ladies allowed to go to Masjid to perform Jumah and other prayers?.. More

  • Women praying in the Mosque Date: 17-9-2000

    1- Did Prophet Muhammad's Mosque during his life time have space for women? Were women allowed to pray in the Mosque during his time?2- Why is it that mosques in the Arab world don't have provision for women yet in some other part of the world provisions are made for women in the Mosque?3-There are some sites on the web that claims to be Islamic sites.. More

  • Women attending Friday prayer Date: 3-5-2000

    Is it compulsory for women to go for Friday prayers?.. More

  • Women praying behind men Date: 23-4-2000

    Why is it that women pray behind men?.. More

  • Women going to grave yards Date: 7-11-1999

    Can women go to grave yards? If yes or no, kindly quote the Qur'anic source. Salam.. More

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