718 fatwas

  • Using Mixed Public Transportation To Go To School Date: 11-12-2019

    I use bus to go to the school I teach in. It is around 20 km away from my home. While inside the bus, I try to sit sufficiently far from women and avert my gaze from them. There is another expensive form of transport which I can use to avoid women, but using it will consume around half of my salary. I can survive using the remaining salary though. Will.. More

  • Wife Uncovers Her Hair at Work and Refuses to Quit Date: 9-10-2019

    I have been married for about 2 years. Before marriage, I was not aware of the rules of Islam. My wife served as a nursing officer (from before marriage) in the Armed Forces Hospital. There they have specific uniform - such as shirts, pants and shoes, and there is no scope to cover head with cloths. I asked her to leave this job and to do a job where.. More

  • Persevere in What You Are Doing Despite Your Husband Improper Comments Date: 13-6-2019

    I have a question I am a Muslim women living in the west I’m a Practo got Muslim and I wear Niqab for the past 4 years alhamdulilah I believe the niqab is something that we have to wear I told my husband that I’m not going to show my face to his brothers because it’s haram he told me that I’m only doing this because I’m easy to get or what.. More

  • Wife Going Out with Her Mother or Brother Without Husband’s Permission But He Does Not Object Date: 9-5-2019

    If my wife go outside with my mom or her mom/bro to buy her derss or to visit relative wothout informing me though i wont mind for that, will she be sinfull for that? .. More

  • A Woman Is Rewarded for Her Deeds Just Like a Man Date: 9-5-2019

    Assalamualaikum, A woman in Paradise get her own house and properties. Example if a man can get a house his wife also get her own house? Because we are rewarded saperatly right? Even though she is we are husband and wife we have different souls our deeds are different and we to one and another. So can I ask Allah to grand me a house in paradise.? Please.. More

  • Daughter Refuses to Wear Hijab Date: 14-2-2019

    Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salatu Was Salam 'ala Rasulillah As-Salam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu! What to do if a daughter does not want to wear hijab because kuffar do not wear hijab as well? At what age do i have to make her wear hijab? What if she rejects it anyway? .. More

  • Husband Is Harsh Because She Wears Niqaab Date: 14-2-2019

    Salam aleikum Sheikh. I have a question .. me and my husband married 10 years and have 3 kids and last about 7 years i wear niqab . My husband never takes me out nor spends time with me . We lived apart for 2 years and he came twice a year to visit me and kids and then he never spend time with me nor took me out Walking etc like normal Couples do. He.. More

  • Must Observe Hijab in Front of an Adopted Boy Date: 7-1-2019

    Is it a sin if I don't observe hijaab in front of my adopted son? I don't want to as it makes him feel like a stranger, and hurts him.Is there any way I can avoid hijab in front of him. .. More

  • Women Getting Massages and Exposing The Awrah Date: 3-1-2019

    In the state of Kerala, there is a practice of women getting post-delivery massages from a qualified woman for around 40 days, around the abdomen and also for the whole body. The awrah is of course uncovered and the one being massaged is dressed very less. I too had these massages after delivery and then again for a few days at a time when I was facing.. More

  • A Male Teacher Alone With a Male and Female Student Date: 3-1-2019

    Is it permissible to study in a one room, but there is also a female student in that room . There is a teacher ,myself and a female student studying in one room. I am in a necessary situation ,and I cannot go to other place other than this place for several months. .. More

  • Men Greeting Women and Vice-Versa Date: 27-11-2018

    Is it fine or permissible to greet women colleagues at work? Just to tell them salam.I used to not to talk to women and always keep my gaze down, but sometimes i feel that was rude from me ans i should have greeted them, even if they were women.And what if they start greeting me is it permissible for me to reply to them? Thanks and jazzakalallah kheira. .. More

  • Exchanging Courting Words with a Non-Mahram Young Woman Date: 18-10-2018

    Lately I saw a young Muslim woman and a young Muslim boy sitting on a bench in a park. It seems they were flirting. Is this allowed since they met in a park where everybody could see them and they did not do any haram? .. More

  • Taking Off Her Hijab in Order to Work Date: 13-8-2018

    Assalam AleikoumI am a woman of 20 years and I wear the hijab in France but I want to work, the problem is that they does not accept the Islamic hijab but only the turban that covers only the hair, not the neck or the chest. What should I do?JazaKhAllah .. More

  • Equality Between Men and Women Date: 13-8-2018

    I wanted to ask that, is that true that men are far better then women? as ibn kathir said:because men are superior to women, and men are better than women. (Tafsir Ibn Kathir under Surah Nisa verse 34)Some people say above is not true as Shaykh Ahhmad bin Suleman Ayyub said in Mosuwat Mahasin al Islam wa Radd Shubhaat al Lam vol 10 page 630"Men are.. More

  • A Female Giving a Presentation In Front of Men Date: 19-7-2018

    I'm a student to a local Sheikh in my area who does not neccessary follow the majority of jurists. He invited me to the masjid to give a presentation. In the masjid, he made sure that there was a barrier between the men and women. However, when I gave my presentation, I was presenting in front of the men. Most of the men are in their middle age. I looked.. More