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  • Ruling on imitating a woman’s voice Date: 23-3-2023

    In the name of Allah. Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. I am male. While learning to sing, i found out that i can change my voice into that of a women, i wanted to know whether you are allowed to change your voice to sound like a woman to sing or joke with friends. .. More

  • Is marriage compulsory in Islam? Date: 23-3-2023

    Is it permissible for a woman not to get married for no reason and she doesn't fear falling in Zina? .. More

  • Age Male Students Can Be Taught by Female Teachers Date: 15-3-2023

    Assalamu alaikum scholars, what age of male students does a female teacher can teach in schoolsjQuery11100027086375456111256_1635051907130?please reply .. More

  • Women Going to Modern Public Bathrooms Date: 15-3-2023

    Vaaleykum salam va rahmatullah dear brothers! Jazakallahu xayran, i have found the answers to most of my questions in the links that you kindly referenced.However i didn't find the answer to the definition of public baths to which it is forbidden to go in accordance with your fatwa 319564. Because public baths in the past differed from modern public.. More

  • Women Going to Gym That Allows Transgender People Date: 12-3-2023

    Alsalamu alaikum,I am a Muslim female living in Canada, and I go to a gym for women only. These gyms are very rare to come by as you can imagine, and I, along many other Muslim women, consider it a safe, private space for us to work out while observing our modesty away from men, security cameras, open windows, etc. Unfortunately, we have recently found.. More

  • Women Going to Restaurants where Both Men and Women Are Allowed Date: 23-2-2023

    I wanted to ask that this website said in a fatwa that it is permissible for women wearing hijab to go to restaurants, provided that there is no mixed environment. There is barely any restaurants even in the muslim world that are for women only. Some scholars say that the mere presence of men and women in one place is not prohibited. So i wanted to.. More

  • Grocery Is a Public Place So No Forbidden Seclusion If a Woman Enters Alone Date: 18-2-2023

    If i work in a grocery store in the west alone as a cashier and a non mahram comes in alone to purchase, this is khalwa (seclusion) right? Do i have to tell her to leave? Or do i leave? Or should i avoid this job? This risk exists in working at stores in the west. What is your advice? .. More

  • No Specification in the Sharee’ah about Closeness of Distance between a Man and a Woman Date: 18-2-2023

    assalamualaikum, i want to ask about surah al isra : 32 "Do not go near adultery. It is truly a shameful deed and an evil way."The word "near" is to what extent it is forbidden to approach non-mahram men or women? because when we talk about "near" there will certainly be many meanings. When can a situation be said to be "near adultery" and no, thank.. More

  • Husband Forces His Wife to Command His Brother’s Wife to Wear Hijab Date: 4-2-2023

    Me and my husband lives in my brother's house for some reasons for a short period in which there are some arguments between my husband and my brother's wife regarding the dressing of my husband. After that we left his house and shifted to our house. Now as my brother's family is also shifted in that building and my brother's wife did not take hijab.. More

  • She Revealed Parts of Her Body Unintentionally Date: 4-2-2023

    Assalamualaikum I wanted to know the kaffara if a girl accidentally reveal her body part in front of a non mahram.If no such kaffara then how can I seek Allah's forgiveness?JazakAllahu khair .. More

  • Mahrams of a woman through marital relationship Date: 14-1-2023

    I want to know who is my mahram after marriage. Is my husband's father's brothers mahram just like my father's brother is mahram For me. And also is husband's mother's father mahram for me? Plz explain who are the in-laws mahram. .. More

  • The Meaning of Seclusion Date: 27-11-2022

    Aslaamu alaikum shaikh,We live in a 2BHK flat and furniture's work is going on in our home. For that purpose workers are staying in our home itself. My mother says that I should go to taraweeh while she is in another room with her door locked from inside but I said that it is not permissible for a woman to allow Non mahrams in home when a mahram man.. More

  • Correct Hijab Date: 14-9-2022

    Assalumu Alaykum, I wanted to ask if the hijab can be tight under the chin, meaning is it ok if the fabric rests on the skin and does not flow from the face downwards. .. More

  • Is the Father a Dayooth if his Daughter Doesn't Wear Hijab? Date: 13-9-2022

    Is a father a dayooth if his daughter doesn't wear a hijab but he advised her to do so? .. More

  • Parts that a Woman Is Permitted to Expose in Front of Her Mahrams Date: 21-8-2022

    What is the awrah of women in front of her mahram(brother, nephew etc)? .. More