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  • Separating the sexes during Islamic lectures Date: 2-5-2004

    We provide Islamic lectures at university for students and partition the room with a curtain to make the brothers and sisters feel comfortable, as some sisters are not dressed appropriately. Please give examples from the Qur’an and Sunnah about segregation. Some brothers and sisters say its Bid’ah... More

  • In college where there is mixing of sexes Date: 16-3-2004

    My son is in the second year of a 4-year engineering course in India. There are some female students and teachers, and he thinks he should discontinue his studies as mixing of sexes is not allowed. What are the options in the light of Qur’an and Hadith?.. More

  • Separating Boys from Girls Date: 3-3-2003

    We live in a country unfortunately where we cannot avoid mixing at school etc. I want to start a children’s club for the Muslim community in my area. At what age should the boys and girls be separated? Are there any Ahadeeth that state certain circumstances we can solve this problem an easier way. Surely Allah is Most Merciful and Islam is supposed.. More

  • Assisting in a wedding where sexes mix in Hijab Date: 12-10-2002

    Can I assist in a wedding where the sexes mix if I wear Hijab?.. More

  • Female serving with males on Islamic committees Date: 13-7-2002

    I live among a Muslim minority and Islam is spreading here. Much effort is also being made by brothers to improve our Islam, and to invite and inform others. These efforts are being carried out by various registered organizations. Every organization is run by a committee. My question is whether Islam allows us to include females with the males in one.. More

  • Proofs Prohibiting Mixing Among the Sexes Date: 5-6-2002

    According to your remarks in a previous Fatwa, it is not permissible for men and women to mix. This Fatwa is based upon the assumption that there is Fitnah whenever a man and woman (non-Mahram) are together, but there is no basis for this in the Qur'an and Sunnah. Sahih Hadith states a man and woman cannot be alone, because the Shaitan will be the third.. More

  • Does Not Wear Hijab but Dresses Modestly Date: 29-4-2002

    I deeply appreciate it. I am not attending a university but an educational centre where all the reviews for foreign graduates are being conducted and I am currently taking my final medical board exam and I do have group studies with other foreign medical graduates in the form of question reviews and also do work for this centre too. Please let me know.. More

  • Mixing with Males in the Workplace Date: 8-4-2002

    I'm a Filipino Muslim working as a nurse here in Middle East. Being an expert, we are handling patients of both sexes and more often than not, males. I have read so many articles about the mixing of both sexes in a workplace but it seem to be common nowadays. Can you please enlighten me on this subject? .. More

  • Family relations with Muslim and non-Muslim members Date: 8-4-2002

    1) I am a new Muslim. Can I show my hair and arms to my male cousins, my mom's sister's sons? Can my husband shake my aunt's hand and give her a hug? Please verify your answer with evidence from the Qur'an or authentic Hadith.2) I am the only one in my family who is Muslim, and my parents want us (my husband, daughter, and I) to stay here in the United.. More

  • Behavior of men toward women Date: 20-1-2002

    How should the behaviour of men be towards women; for example, can men speak with women, or can men shake hands with women, or can men salute women? Can men do these things ‎in any situations and what are these?.. More

  • Working for foreign company surrounded by beautiful women Date: 28-11-2001

    I am working in a foreign company surrounded by beautiful non-Muslim collegues I try very hard not to fall, so I fast and pray, but that does not keep me from feeling alone. I was thinking can I use more time in sport and other studies? Is it ok to use special medicine to either reduce or kill the desire for sex? Getting married is not the answer for.. More

  • Talking with mother's husband's son raised together Date: 1-11-2001

    Is it Haram for me to talk to my mother's husband's son now that I am married even if we were raised together?.. More

  • Mixing of Men and Women Date: 25-9-2001

    Most of the time, I pray to Allah that, I wish I was in a Muslim country because, here in U.S. there are many girls that dress very nice, that makes me feel to be with them, but I do resist it, is that a sin watching them as they walk by? Is it a sin to talk to girls in school? Many times, school projects, and groups are required for school, and I sometimes.. More

  • Husband treats cousin like big sister Date: 6-9-2001

    My husband's cousin came to visit us from America last Saturday and went home yesterday. My husband told me that she is like his big sister, as she used to look after him all the time when he was a child. She is now 30 years and my husband is 22 years when she arrived he shook her hand. And all the time she was here she kept touching him on his arms.. More

  • Shaking hands with and kissing women Date: 24-5-2001

    Is it Halal to shake hands with women and kiss them on occasion? Here this is normal and I'm frequently faced with such situations in which I cannot avoid handshaking and kissing! Thanks a lot... More