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  • An illegitimate son from a man who wants to marry another woman Date: 13-8-2012

    I am a Christian and had a baby with my ex boyfriend who is a Muslim Lebanese. He wanted to abort the baby after finding out about it but I refused. He said that he doesnt want the baby and that he doesnt care about him and i should not contact him anymore. We were both in Abu Dhabi that time and I had to leave my work and everything I had.. More

  • Marrying a man who denies his paternity of his son from his ex-wife Date: 9-3-2011

    Asalaamalaykum. I want to marry an arab man who is separated from his wife. He has been separated from her and living apart for several months. He is still sorting out the divorce via the courts as it is a long proceedure due to him having a child. This makes everything very difficult. He was married to a non practising Christian woman. I have.. More

  • He committed Zina with a married woman and impregnated her Date: 21-2-2011

    Ok well, i am a 21 year old boy and have recently engaged into a very major sin of which i am most ashamed of, i have got a married woman pregnant and have engaged in zina with for a little over 6 months now the girl is pushing me away and telling me to leave her alone so she can give birth to the child and fool her husband into the child beeing.. More

  • She doubts the legitimacy of her husband's daughter from another woman Date: 13-1-2011

    Salaam I need some urgent advice with regards to a situation i am currently in, I am a muslim woman, My husband and I got married in 2007, in late 2007 he moved abroad to work i shortly followed after. I later found out that he had been having an affair with a woman and that this woman was now pregnant. In the country where we are both residing this.. More

  • Tracing a baby back to his/her grandfather from the side of his/her mother Date: 17-3-2010

    i am pregnent, my husband and i have talked about naming the baby, my question is do we have to use the format ex: "Aminah bint Sa'eed Milton"? his name is Sa'eed Twymon-Milton. Twymon is his mothers last name and Milton is his fathers. he wants to use his mothers last name Twymon, but i disagree, because i told him he was supposed to get his fathers.. More

  • A widow using a frozen embryo fertilized by her husband before his death Date: 8-2-2010

    Asalamu Alikum, If a husband and wife go through IVF and they still have some embryo and the husband dies, what does she do with the remaining embryos? Can she place them in her uterus during or after her idah? Or they become non-mahram to each other? Jazakum Allah Khairan. .. More

  • A new revert wants to use her father's first name as her surname Date: 27-9-2009

    Assalaamu Alaikum, I am asking this on behalf of a revert sister. Is it acceptable to use the first name of your father as your surname instead of your full family name (for example using bint Roland instead of Kilpatrick). Kilpatrick means servant of Saint Patrick and she feels uncomfortable using it. However she doesn't want to do anything unacceptable.. More

  • Religion of a child of a Muslim mother and a Hindu father Date: 9-8-2009

    if any male or female marry with hindu female or male and baby born what is his her religeon of baby.male female not changing religeon before marraige.if after after born of baby can becoming muslim that time how baby embrace islam, pls advise... More

  • DNA test shows that he is not the father of his daughter Date: 31-5-2009

    asalaam-alykum..., im worried & tenced & need some awnsers please, wife and me are married 6 years now...,we have 2 children, boy and girl,.. my wife had affair with my brothers son from past 3 years..., I had a doubt from 2 years but since it was a doubt i kept silent.., one day i cought them in my house when i came to say asr salat,..once this.. More

  • A girl claims that she is his half-sister Date: 19-5-2009

    asslaam-o-alaikum! my name is omar qadeer from Pakistan. my father divorced my mother when i was about 02 years old, he lives in USA and i with my mother in Pakistan. some time back i was contacted by a girl who has my father's contact number and his photos too, she lives in Dubai and a working woman. she claims that i am he half-brother as her.. More

  • DNA testing to prove paternity of children Date: 2-6-2005

    DNA-testing the Norwegian government sometimes ask immigrants in Norway to do a DNA-test in relation to applications of family reunifications and requests for asylum to find out if people really are related. What should a Muslim do if they ask you to make a test to see for instance to check if you are the father to your children. .. More

  • She is repulsed by her husband's ex-wife's child Date: 19-4-2005

    My husband was married to a Mushrikah woman. She committed adultery several times during their marriage. My husband is claims a child that looks just like the oldest brother from his ex-wife's pervious marriage. This boy does not look like their mother of father or any of the other siblings. My concern is one of the boy lives with us and he.. More

  • DNA testing Date: 9-4-2001

    Thank you for yur reply to my query. I would be grateful for further clarification on one point. You had stated:"One, requiring a DNA test to prove paternity is an indication of accusing one's wife of Zina if the test conducted during circumstances, such as after having doubts or conflicts with one's wife, etc. so, one should not demand this test unless.. More

  • DNA Analysis and Sharee’ah Date: 29-3-2001

    I am a lawyer in Singapore. I practice Shariah Law. At present I have a Shariah case. My client's wife has petitioned for divorce. My client consents. There is a 1-year-old son. My client suspects that his wife had relations with another man and as a result bore the son. My client wants to do a DNA test to confirm. The lawyer for the wife objected to.. More

  • Keeping relations with child of Zina Date: 25-12-1999

    A relative of mine has a son that was born out of wedlock. Although we know that Islamically he is not responsible for maintaining the child, he loves the child and sees him regularly. He also spends on the child by giving money to the mother for the child's food, clothing, toys, schooling etc. I want to know if it is permissible or recommended for.. More