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  • Supplicating Allah Almighty with His Beautiful Names Date: 1-8-2022

    Assalam alikumI have the following questions:Can we do a repetition of Allah Subhanawataala’s names so that we have get Allahs help for our problems. For example can we repeat Ya-Fattah, Ya-Lateef, Ya-Razzak or any other name etc. Is there any thing in Quran and authentic hadith that says we can do this or we should not do this.Can we repeat Surah.. More

  • The Word of Allah is not Created Date: 31-7-2022

    Aoa sir pls tell me that the names Ahmed and Muhammad are creation of Allah or we will say these were thr speech of Allah ? As He himself gave these two names to Muhammad PBUH .. More

  • Ta’weel of Allah’s Attributes and Istiwaa’ Date: 14-10-2021

    Did anyone from the Salaf did tafweed/taweel of Allaah’s hands, legs, face, etc? And what about Istiwaa; did anyone from the Salaf did tafweed/taweel of that too? .. More

  • The Meaning of the Name Aal-'Imraan Date: 30-3-2021

    Assalaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatuLLAHI,What is the meaning of the name Al-'Imran apartthe from being the father of Maryam the mother of 'Eesa (AS).Secondly, Can the Imaam choose another person instead of his naaib that is also versed with the qur'aan. .. More

  • Supplicating Allah by His Greatest Name and Invoking Blessings on the Prophet in Supplication Date: 15-11-2020

    As salaamulykum, i have a question.Can i read this dua to praise Allah before making dua?Subhaanallahi,walahumdu lliahi,wa laa ilaaha illaahu akbar?if this isn't the right one..can you suggest me any?Or can i praise Allah in my own language before making dua?2) i heard about isme azam dua.How to make isme azam dua?Do i need to read durood after reading.. More

  • Pride Is an Exclusive Attribute of Allah Date: 18-10-2020

    Is Pride an attributte of Allah please refer your answer from Quran and authentic Sunnah. .. More

  • Memorizing Surah Ya-Sin or the Beautiful Names of Allah: Which Is More Rewardable? Date: 12-10-2020

    Assallamoalaykum warahmatullahi wa barkatahu*Sheikh, i want to know which is more rewardable to memorize of the following:-99 names of Allah (SWT) or Yaseen as i am curious to know about its reward! .. More

  • Allah Is Free from Every Deficiency Date: 25-11-2019

    Is it true that Allah increase in power and train his power every day?. .. More

  • Allah’s Ability Is Related to What Is Conceivable Date: 29-10-2019

    Is it correct that it is not possible for Allah to do the following:-create another God-lie or sin or oppress-adopt a son-make a rock that he cannot lift (because that is similar to asking, Can Allah be deficient)? .. More

  • ‘There Is No God But God’ vs. ‘There Is No God But Allah’ Date: 26-2-2019

    Assalaamu alaykum! A friend of mine always says that "La ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah" means "there is no God but God and Mohammed is the messenger of God". I have told him many times that in the shahada is says "there is no God but Allah ..." and i have also shown him some fatwas of yours and sources from books but he still denies that and.. More

  • Asking In-Depth Questions about the Attributes of Allah Date: 13-2-2019

    What is our approuch towards the Speech of Allaah saying that there is not the smallest resemblance between the Creator and Creation?Because if person A reads the Ayah: "Alhamdu lillaahi rabbil Aalemin"and person B says as a statement from his self: "hamdulillah"there would be a resemblance between what we hear from Person A and what we hear from Person.. More

  • She Doubts the Existence of Allah Date: 1-1-2019

    As salaamu alaikum.i am 33 years old muslim woman.i am following my religion.i have two doughts1)God exists or not,if yes why Islam only correct, I am asking this to became strong Muslim.I am feeling shy to ask second question but this second thing leading me to depression ,I am asking this question2)i married at the year 2010.from these 8 years I am.. More

  • Meaning of “Allah is The Greatest” Date: 25-11-2018

    Salamu Aleikum. What does "Allahu akbar" mean exactly? Does it means Allah (SWT) is great or Allah (SWT) is greater? If "greater" than in comparison to who? .. More

  • Doubts and Confusion about the Correct Creed Date: 20-11-2018

    I am really scared of dying in a state of bidah. This scare effects me intensive so that I sometimes cant sleep and that it makes my stomach upset. I fear that the aqidah I learned from you and which is totally justified from the sunnah can be wrong because of faults from people like you and me. Sometimes I get the fealing that my heart is more calmed.. More

  • Allah Is Free From Deficiency and Nothing Is Like Unto Him Date: 2-10-2018

    Scholars say it is kufr to believe God is flesh and blood. However, the Quran does not say anything about whether God does or does not have flesh and blood. So why do scholars say this? Arent we supposed to neither affirm nor deny something that is not mentioned in the Quran .. More