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  • Hacking Accounts without a Justification Date: 26-9-2022

    Is trying to hack into someone's instagram account for example or email a major sin? .. More

  • Using Websites with Bad Link Date: 11-10-2021

    Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh. I want to ask. What is ruling on using website with bad link or such as named with “siakad” which is “si” is used to call animal or people but with belittling them (in my language) and akad sounds like Arabic word عقد, which I think this could be mocking something symbolically. Is using this website.. More

  • Sending Wife's Niece College Upkeep Electronically is Permissible Date: 22-4-2020

    Assalamu alaykum, Is it wrong for a husband to send his wife's niece college upkeep electronically given that when the upkeep is given to his wife to send electronically to the niece she sends it a day to two late. .. More

  • Joining A Group Chat Who May Post Forbidden Pictures Date: 1-1-2020

    is it permissible to join a group chat for permissible matter but there are sins in that group?. For example, there a facebook group for selling bicycle stuffs, but there are people who use human images as their profile picture, or someone who post forbidden pictures. .. More

  • Downloaded Web Series and Making Available for Free Date: 27-11-2018

    recently I maked a blogger website on Which I put link of Netflix webseries movies Wich I got from other websites those giving them for free I copied those download link and shrinked them and posted them on website so I want to know that is it Haram or halal? I am confused beacause I am just sharing them not stealed and upload them but I am shrinking.. More

  • Using Emojis When Communicating With the Opposite Gender Date: 6-8-2018

    Salam. I was informed by a student of knowledge that it is permissible to use emojis with the opposite gender. This student of knowledge 1st said that it is not wise to use with the opposite gender, but then he said it is permissible to use them. Could you kindly inform me all the rulings regarding the usage of emojis with the opposite gender? .. More

  • Blocked After Sending an Islamic Messages Date: 31-5-2018

    I receive many Islamic messages. I forward them to my contacts, especially if it implies to them. If 1 of my contact blocked me simply the message relates to them and never wants to communicate with me, is he sinful for behaving in an ill manner? .. More

  • Benefiting From Websites that May Have What Is Forbidden Date: 8-4-2018

    Shaikh, I questioned you about sending question in Islamic fatwa sites which contain some inappropriate/forbidden material like image ,graphics, videos with writings but their collection of fatwas are ok and they have huge collection of beneficial writings . you said there is no problems sending questions to those sites. But I have some new questions.. More

  • Sexual Calls and Sharing Nude Picture between Spouses Through Media Date: 2-4-2018

    Asalamoailkum: Hope you would be fine. I am 30year old men recently married and i am abroad after 3month of my marriage because of my job. My question is that is it permissible in islam to talk my wife regarding sex on phone . Can both spouse share their naked pic to each other for pleasure and satiafaction without masturbation as it is haram in islam... More

  • Sending pictures on Snapchat to girls and non-Muslims Date: 3-1-2018

    On snapchat, you can slide to the left and click on the users to send them a picture, but if you first make the picture and choose tho which person you want to send it, a page opens. On this page, there are the users, and there are some users which are under the heading "Best friends" because you often send pictures to them. If there are disbelievers.. More

  • Using VPN to access blocked websites Date: 29-11-2017

    Salam. VPN (virtual private network) is "tunneled" through a wide area network WAN such as the Internet. This means that the network does not have to be located in one physical location, like a LAN (local area network). However, by using encryption and other security measures, a VPN can scramble all the data sent through the wide area network, so the.. More

  • Developing website on public policies Date: 23-10-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. Is it permissible to develop a website on public policy? Thank you. .. More

  • Women ‘liking’ pictures of females who expose her adornment on social media Date: 9-1-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have a question about social media. If a female 'likes' pictures of other females who expose and adorn themselves publicly, is that considered supporting their immorality? Would it be sinful for the person to 'like' the picture? Would this count as promoting immorality? (Previous fatwas do not cover this subject.) May Allaah reward.. More

  • Benefitting from another person's idea to create a website Date: 2-1-2017

    Assalaamu alaykom wa rahmatullaah wa barakaatuhu. My friend told me to create a website together. Maybe he does not know how to create one. Ever since that happened, I think he got me into creating websites and, maybe because of him, I started being interested in making websites. So now I have an idea for a great website, and I do not need any workers.. More

  • Using websites that contain both lawful and prohibited material Date: 14-12-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum Shaykhs. There are many websites for reading or downloading books and journals on various subjects. These contain many permissible, beneficial books but also non-permissible books (music, erotic things, also philosophy, man-made law, economics, and so on). Can I read or download permissible books and journals while avoiding non-permissible.. More