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  • Archery does not cause muscle imbalance Date: 15-5-2015

    Assalamu alaikum. I'm sorry if this is a trivial question, but I know that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) stressed archery, which means that archery is good for us, but wouldn't it cause muscle imbalances since one side of the body is being trained (using one arm to pull the string)? Also, is there any verse in the quran that mentions/hints about archery?.. More

  • Specific exercise practice of the Prophet not known Date: 3-1-2015

    I want to strength train, but I would also like to do it in an islamic way. Did the messenger (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) perform any kind of strength training? Speaking of that, do you have any idea what kind of swimming stroke (style of propulsion) did the messenger (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) and his companions perform.. More

  • Ruling on working as a paramedic in non-Muslim countries and practicing freestyle wrestling Date: 30-7-2014

    Are males allowed to be a paramedic in Canada? Is it allowed for us to join professional wrestling like the WWE if we don't show our awrah and not wear tight clothing .. More

  • Ruling on practicing Tai Chi Date: 29-5-2014

    is tai chi permissible? .. More

  • Ruling on skateboarding Date: 26-3-2014

    As salamu alaykum. Is it permissible to skateboard? Also majority of the people in the skate park are none muslims. JazakAllah Khair. .. More

  • Keeping chess sets for purposes other than playing chess Date: 8-2-2014

    Assalamu alykum, I have studied a bit about whether chess is haram or not, and it seems like it falls in the doubtful category. As we should stay away from doubtful things, I quit playing chess. But I have some expensive chess sets in my possession. I thought about selling them at first, but later realized it would also be a bad thing to do as I would.. More

  • Playing badminton is permissible if free of religious violations Date: 29-12-2013

    Is playing badminton haram? .. More

  • Playing Carrom in Ramadan Date: 12-9-2011

    is playing carrom legal in ramdan.. More

  • A tennis player is falsely declared winner or loser by the referee Date: 12-7-2010

    aslam alekom I am a Muslim student in Canada, and our tennis teacher asked as two questions and he wants the answers in our religion prospective 1-you are playing tennis and your opponent hit the ball and the linesman call it is out and you know that the ball is in, and you win the match. What is the struggle that goes on within you and why? and where.. More

  • Ruling on school march past and military parades Date: 17-2-2010

    As salamu 'alaikum can you just tell me aboutruling of March past or military parade which is conducted in the schools on sports day. Can we use daff for instructions? .. More

  • A Sri Lankan Muslim supporting the Pakistani cricket team Date: 9-7-2009

    I am a Sri Lankan but i'm supporting Pakistan cricket team when they are playing with sri lankan also. The main reason i support them is I like them and they are muslims. But some of my relation are telling it is not allowed to support when Pakistan & Sri Lanka are playing because Sri Lanka is your mother land. Kindly advise me what I want to do.. More

  • A questionable computer game Date: 1-2-2009

    There is a new game on the Internet which IMO is very questionable as it seems to be based on Islamic culture and history but it actually has a very strange name (THE 99) and very controversial names of characters. It is basically about a legend that the Mongols when they sacked Baghdad, they razed the largest library in the city and.. More

  • Teaching martial arts to non-Muslims Date: 5-5-2008

    Assalamu alaikum.My friend runs a Kunfu Centre.Can he teach in this institute Kungfu to non muslims?Prophet Muhammed allowed Aysha(peace and blessings of Allah be upon them)to watch Abysinians play with their swords.Were they non muslims?Can this incidence be taken as proof?Hope you will answer Insha Allah with proofs from Fiqh whether nonmuslims also.. More

  • Practicing body building Date: 21-11-2007

    is bobybuilding and excercice is permissable in Islam ? what r authentic hadith regarding excercise & health building ? r proteen supplement allowed ?.. More

  • Ruling on fireworks Date: 26-12-2006

    Are fire works haram?I heard from my dad that they are haram because you are worshipping fire and the devil. Please quote from hadith or qur'an if they are I need to know as I told someone they are haraam and they want proof!i also heard that it is wasting your money (i cant remember the name you call it) Thanks .. More