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  • A man taking pictures with women Date: 17-9-2006

    tell me about taking picture with female .. More

  • Dispute over taking photos of her wedding party Date: 16-8-2006

    Assalam Alaykom, my question is about taking photos i am getting married in a few months and my future husband will not allown me to take an wedding photos. This is going to cause major problems with the parents because they want photos. is it permissible to take some wedding photos to keep in a album??.. More

  • 14-year-old girl playing with dolls Date: 9-5-2006

    I would like to know if it is permissible for a girl like me at the age of 14 to play with her little sister with dolls, but praying when athan is called and after she has done all her islamic duties. and please also tell me if it is permissible to play with dolls such as barbie or any other, and what was the age of Aisha (ra) when she played with dolls?.. More

  • Woman unveiling her hair to have a photo necessary for passport Date: 30-4-2006

    My wife's passport expired, now I have to go for new passport. I reached to the embassy with old passport and required photograph with hezab, by keeping only the face open. But embassy asked to provide picture that ear can be shown. Then again I took photograph by covering head and ear can see but not so clear. This time also embassy not happy. They.. More

  • Taking pictures with a mobile phone Date: 20-4-2006

    I would like to know what the Hadeeth say about taking pictures, and about keeping them displayed on cell phones... More

  • Taking a photograph of oneself for the purpose of marriage Date: 18-4-2006

    I am trying to not to take photograph as a matter of restriction in Islam. As the photography is prohibited in Islam. There is girl search for me in India, because I am working in Saudi Arabia, my home people asking me to send my latest Photograph. Is that permitted for me to take a snap in style and send it? Another question is I am working in the.. More

  • The permissibility of a marriageable man or else in looking at a girl at a crawling age Date: 23-3-2006

    Is it permissible to send the picture of a young girl when she was at a crawling age through the messenger to a marriageable person?.. More

  • Viewing family video tapes Date: 22-3-2006

    Is it permissible to view old family video tapes which contained women who were not covered with Hijaab at that time? .. More

  • A new Muslim hanging his wife's picture in his office Date: 21-11-2005

    I live in the United States. I know an American Muslim at the place that I work at. He converted to Islam more than a year ago, Al-Hamdulillaah. But I noticed that in his office he has the picture of his non-Muslim wife. Other people who come to his office are able to see the picture of his wife. What is the Islamic ruling in regards to this?.. More

  • Drawing human faces or 'smiley' Date: 11-7-2005

    Could you please explain the ruling on drawing of faces of human or any face, and the ruling on if it is Haraam or Halaal to send smiley faces through instant messenger? .. More

  • Professional photography Date: 13-6-2005

    A friend of mine is now a Muslim and is a professional photographer? Can you tell something about it?.. More

  • Owns photo shop in America Date: 13-6-2005

    I have a photo shop, which means that I process and print pictures of people. What is the point of view of Islam about this subject, knowing that I have this business in America?.. More

  • Mannequins used in dress shop and an inheritance issue Date: 13-6-2005

    1) I do have ladies dress shop to make an advertisement I have dressed and hang up well-structured toys in my shop, the toys has a face, so according to my religion is it permitted to hung up a toys? 2) I want to learn film editing. So is it permitted in Islam that to work film editing of wedding and other ceremonies? 3) My grandmother is over.. More

  • Taking photos of animate creatures for enjoyment Date: 30-5-2005

    I have a question regarding taking photos and making videos of living creatures. I want to know is this lawful according to Qur'an and Sunnah to take photos and make videos of one's family and keep them as a memory and enjoy watching good events captured by these means... More

  • Drawings of any kind Date: 30-5-2005

    I know that drawing /painting/ people are animals is a Haraam. What about calligraphy which sometimes draws animals /Arabic letters in the form of an animal/and taking pictures with a camera, is it Haraam?.. More