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  • Drawing faces with closed eyes Date: 19-5-2009

    Assalamu Alaikum, I attend an art club at my school (Islamic school) and the teacher said that it was okay to draw faces as long as the eyes were drawn closed. Is this true? She said that she asked a shiek, but I still have some doubts. Jazak Allahu Khair.. More

  • School used to hang students' photos on the wall Date: 18-5-2009

    As-salamu'aleikum, At my children's school, it is a habit to stick passport-sized photos on the wall of students who study in the same class or who got the highest grades in their class, etc. When they have a party, they take pictures and stick them on the wall, too. Now I am trying my utmost best not to have photos taken of my kids and not to have.. More

  • Collecting wrestling and football cards Date: 5-3-2009

    can u please tell me if we are allowed in islam to collect wrestling and football cards as all my freinds do it and i feel left out in school.. More

  • Studying archeology and visiting museums Date: 29-1-2009

    Assalamu Alaykum, According to the sunnah, creating statues of living creatures is considered haram. 1-What is the ruling on the science of archeology and preserving discovered ancient civilization statues in museums? Is attending such museums haram? 2-Is preserving mummies of pharaohs haram? Thank you.. More

  • Drawing pictures of companions in an Islamic book for children Date: 26-1-2009

    Salaam aleikum. I am working on an islamic cartoon book for children, which I also do some illustration to. I collect different stories, including some from hadith; f.ex the woman who was not nice to her cat. I also like to illustrate the story about the ansar companion (Amr ibn al-Jamuh-ra), who was attached to his statue of Manat for so long, that.. More

  • Using a webcam to contact family members living abroad Date: 9-4-2008

    Assalamu aleikum I have a question. Can we use a webcam(Transmits video) to talk to family members in other countries. It is the same as a phone call except that you can also see the person you are talking to, live in a video; I think you are familiar with this. In my case, it will only be to talk with uncles and aunts abroad, with my family with(behind).. More

  • A language institute publishing the photos of its female students Date: 1-4-2008

    I work for an Arabic Institute teaches foreigners Arabic and Islam. Is it permissible to publish uncovered modest female student photos on our website to encourage non Muslims to come to study? Manager believes it is important and not prohibited in Islam. Are all Fiqh schools on same ruling (either permissible or prohibited), or there is khelaf?.. More

  • Hadeeth on removing images from the Ka'bah Date: 14-1-2008

    Is there a Hadeeth indicating that the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, ordered all images that the disbelievers put inside the Ka‘bah to be removed? If yes, does this Hadeeth mention whether he left the image of ‘Eesa (Jesus, may Allaah exalt his mention,) or not? May Allaah reward you... More

  • Necessity of removing pictures from walls Date: 8-1-2008

    I removed a picture portraying me and my wife from a wall in the apartment of my father-in-law. Her family disapproves of what I have done. What is the ruling of this, knowing that, in this picture, my wife is portrayed in a way that displeases Allaah The Almighty? Now, she is wearing Niqaab because we became practicing Muslims, praise be to Allaah.. More

  • Keeping photos of ex-spouse Date: 18-9-2007

    Salaam u alaykum, I have a very important question. Islamicly is it ok for a woman or a man to keep their Exes pictures after the divorce since they are no longer Maharam for reach other? please need your fatwa on it as soon as posible. salaamu alaykum.. More

  • Taking photos of animate figures Date: 5-9-2007

    Assalamu Alaikom I wanted to add something to a question I previously asked. I asked :''I know it is allowed to make photos of humans because there is no human emulation in it,so is it allowed to make photographs of images drawn by hand,i.e cartoons that are seen on television,so not drawing the images by hand,but just making photos of images that are.. More

  • Pictures on household products Date: 6-6-2007

    Assalamu aleikum! What is the ruling on animate pictures that are on pampers packs, different food stuffs and different things necessary for home? I mean is it important to remove them all at home but considering the fact that they are many and they frequently come home as you know that many things sold in shops now have animate pictures on the covers?.. More

  • Buying a car whose logo is the head of a lion–like creature Date: 18-3-2007

    I was looking into buying a Saab automobile. The logo of the Saab is that of the head of a lion-like creature and this image is attached to the car. Would that characterize as an idol image and make it non-permissible to drive that car until you remove the logo from the vehicle? .. More

  • Keeping dolls and toys at home for boys Date: 3-10-2006

    aselamu alaykum I've read your fetawa regarding the keeping of dolls. my question is, i share a room with my little sisters and it's full of dolls such as barbies, bears and the like....i tend to cover them with cloth or put them in wardrobes but it's still hard as my sisters play with it all the time. So is it a must to cover thos things at other times?is.. More

  • Drawing mythical creatures Date: 19-9-2006

    Assalamoalaikum. i know that drawing or painting human faces or animals is wrong in the eyes of Almighty, and on the day of Judgement we will be asked to blow life into it. however, the thing i would like to ask is it alright to draw or sketch dragons? because they are mythcal creatures and never existed, so is it okay if we draw them? please answer.. More