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  • Traveling To Non-Muslim Countries For Tourism Date: 28-1-2018

    Assalamu aleykum va rahmatullah!As we know, it is forbidden to travel to non-muslim countries for purposes of tourism or unless there is a valid shari' excuse.1- What if a country that you want to travel to is a non-muslim country, but it has a region or some regions inside itself where only or mostly muslims live? Is travel for tourism to this region.. More

  • Traveling to countries that permit sinning Date: 24-1-2011

    What is the ruling on applying for a passport for a woman to travel for pleasure to some countries that allow sinning and evil behavior? Is it permissible for (male) passport officers to look at her photograph? Some young husbands travel with their wives to these countries immediately after their marriage (honeymoon). What is your opinion?.. More

  • Traveling for tourism – An Islamic view Date: 2-11-2010

    Peace be upon you, Is it permissible for Muslims to travel in vacation to different countries such like Dubai, Syria, Turkey, Sweden etc. to enjoy holidays? But in some countries like Sweden we find unusual climatic condition and hence it remains night for 6 months and day 6 months. I wonder how could it be possible to pray obligatory prayer at these.. More

  • Ruling on honey moon Date: 24-5-2007

    Assalamlikum , i am getting married insha allaha in next Month , i want to Know about Honey moon .as i planed to go with her 3 to 4 days Like kashmir .in islam it is allowed or not if allowed is there any limitation s?.. More

  • Going to the Dead Sea for entertainment Date: 13-9-2003

    What is the Islamic point of view of going to the Dead Sea for fun, i.e. to swim and to have a vacation?.. More

  • Muslims sight seeing in Churches Date: 26-4-2001

    Can Muslims visit a Church to see the American culture, only seeing the Church as a museum? .. More

  • Tourism brings non-believers Date: 22-9-1999

    Tourism is very important business, especially for countries that do not have other financial means, for example, tunisia. However, we know that tourism brings foreigners with bad habits, like bad clothes and alcohol. What is the Islamic view on this matter?.. More