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  • Afflicted with Whispers About Urine on the Carpet and Floor Date: 10-8-2020

    I was staying over at someone’s house and could not hold my bladder. I rushed to the toilet but I’m not sure if I leaked drops of urine on their carpet along the way. I retraced my steps and secretly wiped my path With anti bacterial wipes (as that’s all I could get my hands on immediately) all the way from where the incident began to the toilet,.. More

  • Not Obligatory on a Man to Tell His Parents That He Is Getting Married Date: 10-8-2020

    I have some questions regarding marriage proposal. 1) Is it necessary for a man to tell his parents that he is getting married? 2) Can a man look at a woman he wants to marry before he proposes or is it only permissible once he proposes? 3) What parts of the body can be looked at? Is it only face and hands, or can the outline of the woman's body be.. More

  • No Specific Supplication to Be Recited on Friday Save Exalting the Mention of Prophet Date: 10-8-2020

    Assalamu alaikum Is there any supplications that is recited only on Friday?.. More

  • Watching Documentary on TV or Mobile before Sleeping Date: 10-8-2020

    Assalaamualaikum Is television haram or does it depend on what we watch ? Can I watch a documentary on tv or mobile before sleeping after having read all my duahs and surahs ? JazaakAllah for your answer... More

  • If Your Wife Is Not Muslim then There Is No Zakaatul-Fitr on Her Date: 27-7-2020

    Can i pay zakat for my fiancee who is from a christian family and is not able de pay it by herself ?.. More

  • His Wife Falsely Accused Him and Got Him into Troubles with the Police and They Separated: She Still Deserves Her Mahr Date: 27-7-2020

    Salaamalaikum. My question is about Haq maher. My ex wife falsely accused me of hitting her. She called the police and tried to stop my livelihood claiming falsely I stole from her and got me arrested twice. She on the other hand kept stealing from me I later found out. The police separated us and then we were told 4 months later post investigation.. More

  • Some Disbelievers Die without Showing Signs of Agony and Terror Date: 27-7-2020

    Salaam alaykom. As we know the angels of wrath and angel of death descend at the moment of death to extract the soul of the disbeliever in torment. Recently though i have seen images of disbelievers smiling at the exact moment of death and still having a smile on their face after death. Isnt the moment of death supposed to be torment for the disbeliever?.. More

  • Suffers Massive Doubts and Confusions and Goes Out without Hijaab Date: 26-7-2020

    Aoa, I've recently started praying. I'm having a massive amount of doubts and confusions. I'm not habitual of parda (covering) I wanna know if I go out having as much parda as I can have right now? Will I have to take ghusl as I heard a women using perfume will have to take shower if any non mehram smelled it. Does it apply to all kind of non covering?.. More

  • Saying I Will Do Such-and-Such Or Will Not Do Such-and-Such Is Not A Binding Oath That Necessitates Expiation Date: 26-7-2020

    During this pandemic, i made alot of oaths and vows regarding the future. That i will do this and that, while making dua in prayer i said these things now im not sure if i will be able to fulfill them. While making dua i hear whispers to make me feel guilty of the tiniest things that i do and i vow not to do them but now i feel like i shouldnt have.. More

  • Husband Is Not Obligated to Do House Chores Date: 26-7-2020

    Salam. Is there any authentic narration that says that our Prophet (PBUH) used to cook? we know that He (PBUH) used to help in the house but is it proven that He (PBUH) used to cook? Many Callers to Islam in my country cite the above and urge men to help in the kitchen and cooking and dishes. In my country, it is the custom that only women manage the.. More

  • His Wife Committed Zina after Divorce and Repented and Now He Wants to Take Her Back Date: 26-7-2020

    I got hedayah form Allah and started following Islamic rules and regulations after my marriage. After changing myself I told my wife to wear hijab and leave free mixing with her male friends and follow Islamic path with me. She refused to do so and our relation got worse. We mutually divorced by signing on paper in January,2020. We had no contact.. More

  • Partners Bear The Loss In Proportion To Their Contributions To The Capital Date: 23-7-2020

    As salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. My scenario- I leased a property for 10years and invested to build a complex in it. Since i was short of money, a person invested money(Eg: $100). In exchange, i give him a specified amount (Eg: $5) for how many ever years i earn from that complex. When i dont have the land anymore, i dont even give the.. More

  • He Thought that what the Prophet Prohibited Is Not at the Same Level As what Allah Prohibits Date: 23-7-2020

    Assalamualikum,   I am in deep mental shock now. while reading a hadith  I saw that rasul(sa) prohibited a food and I thought to myself, that Allah specifically prohibited   some food like swine and dead meat etc and what rasul(sa) prohibited is not as same level prohibition as what Allah prohibited in quran.perhaps I was thinking level of haram.. More

  • Assigned to Design Application for Lottery and Gaming Date: 23-7-2020

    Salamo Aleycom...I work in software development company as a business Analyst and the company I work at is subcontracted to a government agency that handles licensing for lottery and gaming. This is a temporary project but unfortunately I was assigned to it by my project manager and I am required to help design their application and gather requirements...Woul.. More

  • This Hadeeth Is Inauthentic Date: 23-7-2020

    Could you tell me how authentic is the statement below and pls state references. ——- A man told the Prophet (pbuh) that he had seen the dam of Gog Magog. The Prophet asked “How did you find it?” The man said he found it like Al Burd and Al Muhabar (striped garments).” The Prophet (pbuh) said, “you have seen it” JazakAllah.. More