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  • Islamic banks with interests Date: 1-9-2003

    I want to open account in Islamic bank, with an interest, is it contradicting with the Islam (profit sharing is lawful interest is not) rules?.. More

  • Weighing of deeds on Day of Judgment Date: 1-9-2003

    Someone asked me whether or not a Muslim would only have to be 51% good to enter Paradise when we were discussing the balancing of the good and bad deeds on the Day of Judgement. Please give me some more information on that because I was unable to answer that question... More

  • An incorrect Hadith about the excuses of people on the Day of Judgment Date: 19-8-2003

    I have read the following Hadith in a book but it did not mention the reference of the Hadith. On the Day of Resurrection", Allah Ta'ala resurrects all the dead people. Then Angels will question one by one, first of all they will enquire about Prayers. Some people will say, (1) because of lot of children we had no time to pray. (2) Some will say, we.. More

  • Building a church or helping in doing so Date: 14-8-2003

    Is it permissible for a Muslim to build a church?.. More

  • Praying in socks Date: 29-7-2003

    Is it obligatory to perform prayer in socks? .. More

  • Husband being present while wife in labor at hospital Date: 27-7-2003

    Can you please tell me if a husband is allowed to be present whilst his wife is giving labor at the hospital? Whatever the outcome, could you please provide some evidence?.. More

  • Importance of Prophet Muhammad to Muslims Date: 21-7-2003

    What is the importance of Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) to Muslims?.. More

  • Medically enlarging the breasts Date: 15-7-2003

    I want to know what Shariah says in using medicament that can give volume to the breast of the women, especially if a women has a small one and suffer because of it in front of their family (sister and cousins) and for her future with her potential husband? The doctors say that it helps without any problem... More

  • Making up a missed prayer Date: 15-7-2003

    If one misses a Fard prayer, either intentionally or unintentionally, is it correct, according to the Qur'an and Sunnah, to pray that prayer as a missed prayer even though its proper time has expired?.. More

  • Unable to work for taking care of very ill wife Date: 15-7-2003

    My wife is very sick and I am taking care of her every day and night. I can't work because of her illness and am able to get very little help. Question: What does our Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) say about this matter? Am I at fault for not being able to earn a living? Please give me right guidance and information... More

  • Wants peace of mind Date: 14-7-2003

    How to get peace of mind? I always get frightened that something bad/ misfortune will happen to my family and me. I performed prayers and others regularly but still no peace. This feeling is depriving me to do alot of things and to carry on with my life. Any Du'a to help me... More

  • Hospital funded by interest-bearing loan Date: 13-7-2003

    Six directors including my father and uncle are running a multi-specialty hospital. It has all modern facilities. Its finance is from bank loan paid back in interest every month. The hospital is one of the best in Kerala, South India. Hundreds of staff are working here with very good salary. Huge amounts are given in charity. Poor patients are given.. More

  • Ovum transplantation Date: 9-7-2003

    What is the ruling on implantation of fertilized foreign ovum (egg) in a uterus of a woman for which her husband gave the sperm?.. More

  • Killing household pests Date: 9-7-2003

    Is it allowed in Islam to kill household pests, such as flies, spiders, ants, etc.?.. More

  • Husband deceived her about his background Date: 9-7-2003

    I wanted to ask what should I do? I have been married for several years and I have found out that my husband has been married before and divorced, also he obtained his freedom in my country by marrying his niece? This has astonished me and I do not know what to do my husband does not know I know but I have proof that this is true. Our marriage is based.. More